Galapagos Islands Marlin Report

Nov 2, 2010Fishing Reports

The last 2 weeks in San Cristobal Galapagos have been very interesting. Fishing has improved as water have warmed up significantly and bait has multiplied its presence on the banks. While the surface has not been loaded with life the marlin have been the major performers on the surface. Free jumpers have become common and slashers have been seen frequently on the surface.
The wind chill still requires jackets and most days are overcast but water quality has improved and the striped marlin are making their presence felt in decent numbers.

Nov 2, 2010– My good friends Jorge Garces and Ivan Gelot visited and of course went fishing on The Big Fish. The winds had picked up a bit and we ran to Rosa Blanca with considerable chops. The water on the bank was blue grey and the temperature was 68 to 69 F most of the day. There was some bait but it stayed deep. Working the Honey Hole we raised 2 stripeys before heading back to Red Point on Rosa Blanca. In the afternoon we raised 4 more striped marlin and Jorge and Ivan each fought and released 2 nice stripeys around 170#.

Nov 3, 2010– We decide to fish near shore for groupers and enjoy the view of San Cristobal Islands. The grouper bite was a bit slow trolling plugs. We still managed to catch a few nice grouper to make for a great dinner.

Nov 4, 2010– Onboard the Big Fish we headed out with Jorge and Ivan to Rosa Blanca. The ocean was a 6 to 8 ft chop and somewhat rough for my liking. The bite was slow all day and it was evident fish were feeding deep. We raised 3 stripes that were very finicky and were not able to get but one bite and no releases. There were plenty of dolphins and it was nice to get out on the water.

Nov 6, 2010– We hosted our usual anglers for the second time this year on the Big Fish. Mike Eakins and Thomas Noonan and wives Linda Noonan and Heidi Eakins. We made the 68 mile run on a clam day to Black Sheep Bank. The idea was to search for Big Eyes that can reach 400lbs on this bank. What we found were plenty of hungry striped marlin instead.

Raising 22 and getting 14 bites it was a frustrating day with our large horse ballyhoo. The fish were not overly aggressive and we managed to land only 1 fish and frustrate the hell out ourselves. I guess it is better to see them and not catch them than to not see them or catch them most of the day. Water color was a grey/blue and there was bait down deep. We raised 7 striped marlin and were able to get 4 solid bites and hook ups but fish would spit the circle hook near the boat. We managed to release 1 stripey about 180#.

Nov 8, 2010– A beautiful day for fishing. Calm seas, blue water and partly sunny awaited us on the Honey Hole as we made our way onboard the Big Fish. Mike and Tom were eager for some action and the Honey Hole would not let us down. Heidi Eakins came with us as well and enjoyed the action performed by the marlin feeding frenzies as well as dolphins and sea lions. We raised 16 very finicky stripeys and were frustrated by several well hooked fish that bit through the 130# leader. Some fine tuning is in order and we made a few corrections that lead us to a final hookup that broke the line due to a teaser blunder (fish swan into a teaser line before we could clear it). We had 6 bites and no releases.

Nov 9, 2010– Our final day with Mike and Tom onboard the Big Fish. We made our way to Rosa Blanca and then to the Honey Hole. There was a lot more bait and the water had warmed to 73 F by the end of the day. Bait as evident as well as tailers and marlin feeding on the surface. The wind picked up and made it a bit choppy but bearable. This would be a good day of action as well as frustrations. With 28 striped marlin raised we had 18 bites and were able to release 6 stripes plus about 4 more “palm beach releases” that don’t count.

Folks as you can see we have marlin all year round here. With the exceptions of July to September the oceans are generally calm or reasonable. Don’t wait to book your trip as our 2011 season is booking up fast.

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