Galapagos Islands Marlin Bite Continues With Double Digits.

Feb 25, 2019Fishing Reports

The striped marlin bite happening in the Galapagos Islands is without at the moment any comparison anywhere. Boats continue to raise 30, 40, 50 plus marlin per day. If you are looking to experience

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February 24, 2019– Vertigo fishing with Peter Santini from Sportfish Galapagos reported raising 55 striped marlin, had 42 bites and released 16 while fishing Española Bank out of San Cristobal Island. Sea conditions were calm and water was 82 F. Lots of bait, birds and dolphins in the area to make for an incredible display.

Manta Raya fished with Seth Hartwick and his group for tunas topwater on McGowen Reef. They had 10 bites and reported catching 7 tuna including a nice bigeye about 60#.

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February 25, 2019– Vertigo fished near shore of Española Island for groupers, reef fish and even a 20# tuna. The went fishing for less than 3 hours on Española Bank to raise 25 striped marlin, 17 bites and have 7 releases.

Manta Raya fishing with Seth Hartwick reported catching about 5 tuna topwater today fishing McGowen Reef. Tuna bite has been unusually slow for this time of the year.

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