Galapagos Islands Has Incredible Marlin Fishing Happening Now

Sep 4, 2023Fishing Reports

If you are not fishing the Galapagos Islands in the short term then you are missing out. Book your trip to the hottest year round marlin bite on the planet. 2023 has been an El Niño year keeping water warm all year. This climate anomaly event has caused the striped marlin, blue marlin and event black marlin to be present every month of the year. Tuna, wahoo and mahi are also being found in good numbers.

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Galapagos Marlin Report

San Cristobal Island

The Striped Marlin Capital Of The World!

August 30, 2023– We asked Captain Julio to go out to Rosa Blanca Bank on his pang with two rods and bring back a fishing report. The day was action packed as birds diving and sea lions were feeding amongst the striped marlin frenzy around the Honey Hole. Julio was immediately greeted by a double of stripeys that they were able to release. He and his son went on to raised 28 striped marlin by 1 pm, had 15 bites and released 10 on lures. They also caught several mahi mahi and a few yellow fin tuna.

marlin fishing 20230904 02

Isabela Island

Blue Marlin Are Giants Here!

August 30, 2023– Patricia with Captain Yuri Gutierrez fished with local anglers from Ecuador out of Isabela. They found good water temperature with 77 F and great sea conditions. Running from Santa Cruz Island they got to the fishing area about 9:15 am. It took 15 minutes in 6,000 feet of water to raise the first blue estimated around 700 which was released in about 50 minutes with an Alutecnos 130# off a Black Bart purple plunger. At 12: 33 pm they had a bit from a very large fish that would estimated well into 900# plus maybe even just crossing the mark. Fish put on a show for about 5 minutes and spit the hook. At 1:20 pm they raised, hooked and released a nice striped marlin about 200#. At around 3:30 pm right before lines were to come out of the water another blue estimated around 600# came into the spread and chased but would not bite anything.

August 31, 2023– Patricia fished out of Puerto Villamil, Isabela with local guest from Ecuador. They were fishing the first drop about 8 miles from port and had a striped marlin on around 9:00 am which was quickly released. Lines went back into the water and they began to fish around a few dozen diving boobies when the right short went off. A blue estimated around 800 pounds took about 500 yards of line out before spitting the hook.

Lines went back into the water and by 11:35 am they were hooked into a nice 450# blue which was released in under 20 minutes. They ended the day with a double hookup of yellowfin tuna estimated around 50#. On the run home they saw a swordfish tailing on the surface. They slowed down to put a ballyhoo out but it would not have any of it.

marlin fishing 20230904 03

September 1, 2023– Final day of fishing for the group from Ecuador onboard Patricia which would fish until mid day and run to Santa Cruz. About 9 miles out they found the birds agin in 3,000 feet of water. All the signe were there that a possible bite was imminent and to the surprise the right flat went off again but this time a nice black marlin estimated around 650# would put on quite a show.

Getting close to 11:00 am and a large striped marlin was hooked and released in about 10 minutes. At 12:00 pm lines came out and the group headed in after and awesome 2 and half days of fishing.

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