Galapagos Islands Fishing Report

Nov 11, 2010Fishing Reports

Never count the Galapagos Islands out! Many people believe the fishing is only good Dec to June every year. This year we have fished every month so far and had a terrific year! November has been no exception. Winds have died down, water temperature has risen a bit and days while are till chilly by our standards the air warmer than it was last week. Blue water has graced our banks and lots of bait on most days shows on the monitor. Displays of striped marlin feeding on the surface have been a daily event. Sea lions, albatrosses and dolphins have put on a show for every guest. Boobie birds have been the rarest but they will eventually show up on the banks to show us to the as waters warm up.

This last trip I was honored to fish with Gary Hager’s group which consisted of Wayne Fleischhacker, Mark Stevens and George Becker a WW 2 veteran who has been around the block and was full of stories form adventures the globe over.

Nov 11, 2010
On the Big Fish we rode with Gary, Wayne, George and Mark all the way to the Honey Hole. The seas were a 5 foot chop but things got better as we arrived on the bank with water 73.5 and the day was overcast. Stopping at the edge of Rosa Blanca and the Trench first we quickly raised a Stripey about 150 # that George caught on a 30# outfit spooled with 40# test. We made our way over the Trench to the Honey Hole which had been on fire just two days before with 28 raises. The bait was few and far and we only raised 1 fish in almost 2 hours of trying. Therefore we headed back to Rosa Blanca and found bait was spread throughout the bank. We finished the day with 8 raises, 6 bites and 2 releases on the circle hook. Mark Stevens had the highlight of the day with a big stripey estimated 220 to 230#.

Nov 12, 2010
We returned onboard the Big Fish to Rosa Blanca. The day was very similar with overcast suns and calm waters with slight chop. We were greeted by a teaser bite of a blue marlin estimated around 300#. We worked the bank and bait was present with a few free jumpers seen. We raised 11 stripeys had 7 bites and Gary and Wayne released a fish each. At this point in the trip each angler had caught a marlin. Both fish were around 200#.

Nov 14, 2010
The Big Fish made the 68 mile run to Black Sheep Bank. Black Sheep did not disappoint us as it rarely does. We had nonstop striped marlin action all day and managed to raise 31 with 19 bites and 6 releases. Lots of Palm Beach releases that don’t count as well!! Circle hooks take a little practice and with large ballyhoo they can be challenging.

Nov 15, 2010
Changing the game plan on the big Fish we decided to go after tuna and wahoo. We ran to McGowen reef but only managed a mystery bite there after almost 2 hours of fishing. Next we headed to Hancock Bank which I think has some of the best tuna and wahoo fishing I have seen anywhere. Lines were not in the water 5 minutes before we started catching tunas in the 15 to 25# range. A nice wahoo rounded out the day around 35#. After catching 8 tunas and a wahoo we head back to port to try bottom fishing but luck was thin as the currents right out of port were very strong.

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