Galapagos Islands Continue To Have Great Fishing Conditions due To El Niño Event

Nov 3, 2023Fishing Reports

Galapagos Marlin Fishing Report

If you want to increase your chances at any species of Pacific marlin then the Galapagos are for you. Right now waters are remaining warmer than usual due to an El Niño event. This only happens on average about once every 5 to 10 years and generally brings fantastic fishing to the Galapagos. Ecuagringo is the company that started this amazing fishery back in 1998 and the only one with boat able to operate out of San Cristobal, Santa Cruz and Isabela Island.

We developed the incredible striped marlin fishery in the late 90’s and now we have been steadily developing some of the best giant and grander blue marlin fishery out of Isabela Island since 2018. No one else will provide you with as many constant fishing reports, shared boat deals and specials.

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San Cristobal Island

The striped marlin fishery out of San Cristobal has for over two decades been considered the most consistent and best in the world for year round big striped marlin. Fish average 120 to 250 pounds any day with 5, 10, 30, 50 and even 100 raises per day possible. Sure there are days no fish will bite just like any fishery. However, going offshore fishing is always a gamble so wouldn’t you want to bet your time and money on the best destination in the world?

Oct 29, 2023– On The Hook went to fish one last time Rosa Blanca Bank before doing maintenance to get ready for our busy season which starts around Thanksgiving. They arrived about 9:30 am on Rosa Blanca and fishing was quiet until about 11:30 am when they reached our favorite spot the “Honey Hole”. Not a lot of birds working but feisty striped marlin were there. They managed to raise 15 striped marlin have 11 bites and released 4 fish on lures. Local guest from Ecuador wanted to fish with lures. Around 2:35 pm they had a big crash on the right long and hooked up with a blue marlin around 500#. After an hour fight on 50# standup they released the blue to end the day.

Nov 1, 2023– Johnamar fished 0-30 Bank and found orcas chasing tuna. The orcas did not leave all day and managed to shut down the bite. Only one striped marlin war reported raised even though a lot of bait was being marked on the sonar.

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Santa Cruz Island

Locals have been reporting fantastic tuna and wahoo action on the reefs. Patricia headed out Oct 30 to fish Mac Gowen bank and the shallowest part of the reef did not disappoint. Besides incredible marlin fishing the Galapagos do produce good wahoo and tuna bites.

Oct 30, 2023– Patricia captained by Yuri Gutierrez fished Mac Gowen bank and focused on the shallow reefs that go from 200 to 45 feet. They caught 8 wahoo and 12 tunas by 1 pm before clients decided to head in to go to the beach.

Ecuagringo Is The Longest Running & Most Experienced Outfitter In The Galapagos

More action to follow as fishing and guest begin to heat up for the start of the season around Thanksgiving. If you want to fish with the first and most experienced company in the Galapagos Islands then the choice should be Ecuagringo. We have the best boats, crews and custom tackle. We are the only company fully equipped with Alutecnos reels for whatever you want to fish. 20, 80 and 130 tackle to go from striped marlin all the way to grander blue marlin.

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Last Chance To Book Shared Boat November 21 to 23, 2023 Fishing For Striped Marlin San Cristobal Make Us An Offer

Three days of fishing with 4 nights lodging, breakfast and lunches all included for USD 2,950 is now discounted to the first angler to call and make a reasonable offer. All offers will be considered! One spot left to fish on this shared boat special out of San Cristobal Island for striped marlin. Call us today to book.

Beware Of Imposters & Ride Along Agents

The last two years have seen issues with an unscrupulous individual pretending to own a boat and tackle formerly used by Ecuagringo. Only companies and individuals legally based out of the Galapagos are allowed to own and operate the limited sportfishers in the area. There are only two international companies recognized by the board of tourism in Galapagos and Ecuador to legally operate in the Galapagos.

Ecuagringo is one and the other is Sportfish Galapagos operated by our good friend Peter Santini. We operate year round and have been doing so far longer than anyone else. Why trust your investment to someone who needs to be on the boat because he does not trust the crew or quality he sells?

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