Galapagos Islands Continue Double Digit Daily Action From Marlin

Mar 6, 2019Fishing Reports

The fabulous double digit marlin bite that has made the Galapagos Island famous continues strong. This week has been no exception. All boats fishing have been seeing marlin ballin bait, birds feeding and raising striped marlin in pairs, triples, quadruples and more.

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Feb 4, 2019– Vertigo with Peter Santini raised 52 striped marlin, had 35 bites and released 13.

Feb 5, 2019– On The Hook reported raising 22 striped marlin having 13 bites and releasing 5 with Kessinger family who called it quits by 2 pm as the marlin tired them out. Vertigo with Peter Santini raised 34 had 22 bites and released 8 striped marlin.

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Bookings for the 2020 season are under way and soon February 2020 will be sold out! Don’ be left out. We still have a boat with limited availability in May and June 2019 if you want to come down and take advantage of this phenomenal bite.

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