Galapagos Islands and Manta Marlin Report

Oct 1, 2010Fishing Reports

The fishing in Ecuador continues to be steady. Galapagos is showing its magic. Blue marlin continue to migrate through Manta giving anglers who want to catch blues on fly or light tackle and excellent opportunity. Weather conditions are not the best yet as there still is some wind but the seas are bearable and conditions will only get better as the year wears down.



Fishing foe blue marlin continues to be strong on some days and well above world wide averages on most. With water temperatures remaining most days around 77 and lots of flying fish on the surface it doesn’t usually take long before lines come across marlin. Of course as any current based fishery time, patience, persistence and dedication are a must.

October 1, 2010– Fishing aboard La Choca, 31 Bertram we headed out with Colombian Anglers from Bogota Pablo Pizano and his friends Dario and Hernan. The ocean was rough and water color was a grey blue with skies overcast and some wind. Seas were about 6 to 8 and confused. We hit the 28 mile run and began to troll but it wasn’t 10 minutes before a blue about 200# hit a teaser.

Dario tried to feed a pitch bait and the fish was on for few seconds before spitting the hook. Next was another blue about 250# that chased a green/dorado wide range teaser but never committed to a bait. Another tailing blue was seen but did not come into the spread. Late in the day a sailfish was caught by Hernan around 80#. Other boats fishing the area like Bartolo Fernandez on the Isabela reported catching a stripey, 2 blues and loosing 4 more blues. Sultana raised 2 blues and caught 1.

October 2, 2010– We headed out again on La Choca with our guests from Colombia. We hadn’t finished putting out the lines when a blue around 200# chased a teaser. Pablo Pizano pitched a bait but was not able to get a good hook set. The day went on and about mid day we raised a blue about 300 on a teaser but it would not eat. Late in the day Pablo caught and released a nice sailfish around 100#. Yayita owned by Juan Jose Yado caught 4 blues with the biggest estimated around 345#. Sea toy reported raising 2 blue and catching 1 around 220#. Ocean conditions were about 6 foot confused seas and skies were overcast at times as well as sunny.

October 3, 2010– Onboard La Choca with Pizano and friends we started fishing around 27 miles west of the port of Manta. A very early blue took a not so well executed pitch bait but managed to hook itself perfectly in the corner of the jaw. About 25 minutes later Pablo landed and released a blue about 240#. Another small blue came up for a teaser look and no bite.

Close to 11 am a blue about 500# materialized behind a bait. It had it’s dorsal fin out and chased for about 8 seconds before fading away. Lots and lots of flying fish may have been a blessing and a curse at the same time. One more blue would later chase a teaser and fade before a big eye estimated over 300 hit a ballyhoo and missed the hook. Another tuna would later try and miss a teaser. Sea conditions remained about 77 F and ocean was a constant 6 to 8 confused chop.

Galapagos Islands

San Cristobal

We are at the end of the windy season just about and some days are still rough while other are just beautiful.

October 4, 2010– The Big Fish headed north to Black Sheep bank 68 miles from port. Fernando Yepez took Argentinean clients Rafael Vega and Antonio Nisiandi for a day striped marlin and giant big eye tuna. Yepez reported raising 22 stripes, 16 bites and 10 releases. They also had a double of big eyes around 200# which they released after 40 minutes and 55 minutes respectively. The ocean was about 5 foot roll and skies were overcast with some sun around noon. Water temp was reported around 74.5 F.

October 5, 2010– Captain Yepez and Argentinian guest took a ride to Rosa Blanca banks on a beautiful sunny day. They began to fish the area known as red point and lines were not in the water 10 minutes before 3 stripeys piled on the teasers. The group managed to hook and land 2 stripeys. As the day unfolded the action was pretty fair and a total of 14 stripeys were raised, 9 bites and 5 releases. One particular stripey was reported estimated around 250#

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