Galapagos Islands and Manta, Ecuador Marlin Report

Sep 9, 2010Fishing Reports

Most folks probably think that the weather in Ecuador is the same year round due to being on the Equator. Well while temperatures may only vary 10 to 20 F at sea level all year the winds do blow the most July to September. Nevertheless the wind intensities have shown signs of starting to wind down both in Galapagos and on coastal Ecuador.

Lately Manta’s phenomenal blue marlin run has stolen the show. With blue marlin raises almost unparallel anywhere in the Pacific today it continues to be a hot destination. Like any fishery the bite can go in cycles and while this week’s was not the hottest it was still very good.

Galapagos has had some good news as well! Winds have died down some and the ocean has been manageable lately.



September 9, 2010– Water was reported to be 77 F on average. Seas were 3 to 5 feet and the water color was blue/grey. Skies were partly cloudy. The MiMar raised 5 blues and 2 stripes with 2 blues and a stripey released. Two dorado of 40# plus were caught. A 24 ft skiff trolling two rods named Gloria reported raising 3 blues and catching 1.

September 10, 2010– Mimar told us conditions were very much similar to the previous day. Water temperature was 76 F. Fishing about 30 miles from port they manage to raise and loose 1 blue marlin.

September 11, 2010– Amalita fishing 20- 25 miles from port raised 4 blues and caught 3 blues and a stripey. Sea Toy fishing 5 mile further out reported raising 2 blues and a stripey and caught none. Water temp was 77 F and skies were overcast.

September 12, 2010– La Choca fishing with Felipe Vivar reported calm seas. He raised 4 blues, and caught 1. 2 other boats reported raising 1 blue and none. Fishing slowed a bit on this day but that is normal s the fish seem to appear and peak in cycles.

The fishing in Manta continues to be very good. Do not pass up on your best opportunity to catch blue marlin now!

Galapagos Islands

Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands:

September 9, 2010– The Patricia set South to Hancock bank for a day of wahoo fishing. Anglers Patricio Galvanez and Isidro Yanio from Uruguay wanted to experience some of the incredible wahoo fishing found in these waters. The seas were about 5 ft and the day was overcast. Water temperature was reported 73 F. After catching 6 waho apiece the angler opted to try for something different.

Captain Gutierrez ran 8 miles towards the drop of Hancock Bank and began fishing toward Floreana. About 1 hour and 40 minutes after trolling some big lures a blue estimated around 700# took the long right rigger. The fish took a few jumps and spit the hook after 40 minutes. The anglers returned to port with a story to tell after a colorful day on the water.

September 10, 2010– The Patricia went to look for striped marlin with the same Uruguayan guests and headed for Braden’s Bank East of Santa Cruz. Anglers were met by big eye tuna 40 to 80#. Trolling in an out of the tuna they hoped to raise a few stripes. Instead they raised a nice blue around 500# that came into the spread 3 times and missed the bait every time. The blue disappeared into the abyss. Sea conditions were calm and they tried their hardest to raise another but the Pacific yielded all it would for the day.

San Cristobal

September 11, 2010– The Big Fish captained by Fernando Yepez went for a routine engine test and day of fishing. The guests were navy personnel eager to catch their first marlin. Running to Rosa Blanca Bank Fernando began to fish Red Point. Because this was not a charter and the anglers were not experienced, Captain Yepez opted to cover more ground and pull lures. They had fished for only 15 minutes before they raised a pair of stripeys and released both near Red Point.

Sea conditions were 4 to 5 feet and the day was overcast. Yepez worked his way to the Canyon and raised another stripey that jumped off before arriving at the Honey Hole. Trolling the Honey Hole they managed to raise 9 more stripeys and release 3 more. A few tailers were seen and a total of 11 stripeys were raised with 5 releases.

Don’t miss out on you opportunity to fish some of the World’s best marlin waters.

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