Galapagos Fishing Reports

Feb 25, 2012Fishing Reports

The last few days have shown some very good blue and striped marlin fishing on 88 Bank. 2 boats fishing Feb 24 and 25, 2012 have reported very good fishing. The water continues to hold an average 79 F. There has been plenty of bait on 88 Bank. Pete Santini was kind enough to share the latest info on other boats fishing the waters. I have no way to verify 100% the accuracy of these reports as I was not there fishing myself. I am sure other versions may vary a bit but in general the fishing was pretty good.

Feb 24, 2012– two boats went to 88 Bank and one boat reported raising 20 stripeys and 2 blues releasing 1 stripey out of 14 bites. A second boat also fishing lures reported raising 18 having 12 bite and releasing 3 stripes and a blue.

Feb 25, 2012– again the same two boats heded for 88 Bank and had similar action. The first boat raised 18 stripey and 1 blue and released 4 stripeys and a blue. The second boat raised 22 stripeys and released 5 out of 12 bites.

Folks the fishing is not off the charts yet but it is quite good. You will not find action like this in too many places in the World. Don’t let someone tell you how good the fishing is here, come be part of it. We have only a few openings left so don’t hesitate to book now.

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