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Apr 3, 2011Fishing Reports

Galapagos Islands

San Cristobal

We are experiencing some of the nicest weather to fish in. Virtually calm seas everyday has been the norm this year so far. While Rosa Blanca bank continues to be well under the usual expectations a few marlin are being caught some days while tunas have become quite steady. The story of the last few days fishing has been Black Sheep Bank. Black Sheep has been the most consistent and productive bank to fish on this year. The last week has shown improvement as more bait, fish tailing and surface feeders have been seen.

March 29, 2011– onboard the Big Fish we hosted Steven Will, Patrick Nutt, Jerry Nutt and Keith Edwards. Running to Black Sheep Bank the water was 76 F in the morning. Plenty of bait and surface feeding marlin are seen. The action started slow but picked up as the day progressed. Some of the anglers were new at the circle hook bait and switch game. 20 striped marlin were raised with 14 bite and 3 releases. Steven and Keith were striped marlin virgins so they got thrown in the water back at the dock by Patrick Nutt to celebrate their first stripeys.

March 30, 2011– The Big Fish with the same group of Florida boys headed to Black Sheep Bank. Waters were calm and started off 78.6 F with a clear green off color. The boys got a little better with their techniques and 27 striped marlin were raised with 17 bites and 6 releases. The fish averaged 150# on most days.

March 31, 2011– Once again the same players were aboard the Big Fish heading for Black Sheep Bank. The fish were very finicky and with 24 raises there were 17 bite and 3 releases.

April 1, 2011– The water was a calm blue on Black Sheep Bank. The Big Fish was showing Patrick, Steven, Keith and Jerry their last day of fishing. The morning started off typically with a few lost fish and adjustment on hook size was made. As soon as we changed to a 9/0 circle the hookup ration improved on our large ballyhoo. 15 striped marlin were raised with 10 bites and 4 releases. Keep in mind that the gang went 4 for 4 with the larger circle hook. Over 30 tailers were seen in bunches of 2 to 6 fish swimming on the surface.

April 2, 2011– David Visher and his son Evan went on the Big Fish to try their luck on Rosa Blanca. Only one stripey was raised that did not eat and various small tuna bite were had with a 15# big eye caught. No bait was seen on this bank.

April 3, 2011– The Big Fish made its way to Black Sheep bank where David and his son had multiple shots at striped marlin. They raised 11 had 7 bites and released 4 on the circle hooks. Evan is 12 years old and caught 2 striped marlin including one about 170# that was very stubborn for an hour and 15 minutes fighting.

Folks there is still time to fish the best marlin waters in the World. Nowhere else will you find such consistent fishing year round for stripeys that average 150 to 200# . Don’t wait and book now. We are the only company in Ecuador and the Galapagos islands to use circle hooks and pitch baits.

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