Galapagos Fishing Report

Mar 4, 2011Fishing Reports

Galapagos Islands

San Cristobal

As we continue to fish out of San Cristobal the water has warmed up on average 2 more degrees. Most areas are 79 to 81 F with some pockets reaching 86 F. There are plenty of striped marlin around and bait is becoming more evident. The fish have not been overly aggressive but the there is enough action on most days to make it very interesting. The seas were flat calm every day! Besides marlin big eye tunas were caught on most days averaging 8 to 40# which made for some good dinners and fresh sashimi.

We are honored to have the opportunity to fish with Captain George Sawley who runs the Stalker. George is by far one of the most knowledgeable and experienced marlin captains who has truly been there and done that. While many very good captains have fished Galapagos in the past, George is clearly a pro when it comes to circle hooks, bait/switch and catching marlin. There are no secrets to catching marlin on baits and circle hooks. There is a lot of fine tuning and detail to get it right. We appreciate Captain Sawley’s input as well as anyone who bring something we can learn to the table.

Feb 27, 2011– George Sawley and his boss Charles Nails as well as female angler Elise Johnson rode the Patricia to Rosa Blanca Bank. Captain Yuri Gutierrez Jr. found the bite around the Honey Hole. Raising 6 stripeys and 2 blue marlin they were able to catch 5 stripeys out of 6 bites on circle hooks.

Feb 28, 2011– the same cast set aboard the Patricia headed out for Rosa Blanca Bank and the Honey Hole. 6 striped marlin were raised with 6 bites and 4 releases. The Big Fish with Captain Fernando Yepez fished with Pete Santini and his guests. They raised 6 striped marlin plus a very nice blue marlin estimated over 500#. They managed to release 2 stripeys and the blue out of 4 bites.

March 1, 2011– George, Charles and Elise made the longer run to the Black Sheep Bank onboard the Patricia. 15 raises, 7 bites and 7 releases on pitch baits. Big Fish went to fish inshore and caught several wahoo and tunas with Santini’s group.

March 2, 2011– The Patricia with George, Charles and Elise went to Black Sheep Bank to fly fish and raised 13 striped marlin, caught 2 on fly and lost a fish next to the boat on bait.

March 3, 2011– the same anglers took the Patrcia to Rosa Blanca Bank. The fishing had slowed down and there was some bait but the marlin were not very active. A few tunas were caught and only 2 inactive fish were raised.

Big Fish with Santini’s guests raised 8 stripeys with 3 bites and no releases.

March 4, 2011 onboard the Patricia with George, Charles and Elise for their final day they ran to Black Sheep Bank. Trying to catch some striped marlin on fly they tried teasing 4 stripeys that would not eat the fly and then switched to baits. In total they raised 18 striped marlin had 9 bites and released 8 fish on 30# stand up gear.

Big Fish again with Santini’s guests fished Black sheep and raised 15 stripes and a blue. They released 2 striped marlin out of 8 bites.

Folks as you can see the numbers may not be the greatest of all times but there are plenty of marlin here. Don’t miss out on your chance to fish the best marlin waters in the World!

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