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Feb 25, 2011Fishing Reports

Galapagos Islands

San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands

Some of the calmest seas this year as well s beautiful weather have been the highlights of the last 9 days of fishing. Water has remained 78 to 80 F just about everywhere we have fished offshore within 70 miles of San Cristobal. Tunas have been a common catch with mainly small big eyes and bonitos just about everywhere the boats go. The mounds of the Rosa Blanca Banks are the arguably the most famous in Galapagos. The fishing has been the slowest the last 2 weeks compared to the last 6 months of data. Bait has thinned out but this is a normal occurrence a few times a year.

Nevertheless boats are still raising on average 2 to 6 fish a day on Rosa Blanca and yes there have been a few days with not much there other than tunas. I have absolute confidence the fish will be back. In the meantime guest have chosen to go searching for blue marlin, inshore fishing or run 68 miles to Black Sheep Bank. Black Sheep has been hot and cold but has produce fish every time boats have gone there.

Several days have produced raised with over 20 fish and we constantly see stripeys feeding on the surface and more bait. So yes the fishing has been slow in Galapagos these last 3 weeks when compared to our own standards. Only 2 out of over 50 anglers fishing this year have not caught a marlin or multiple marlin with us. Yes 48 out of 50 people who have already fished with us this year have caught and released marlin.

Feb 18, 2011– the Big Fish hosted our regular guests John Eakins and Thomas Noonan for the next 6 days. Fishing the full moon they navigated 68 miles to Black Sheep Bank. There were several fish seen tailing and feeding but few would come into the spread. Seas were calm with 2 to 3 foot waves. Water color was deep blue and the day was overcast. 3 stripeys came into the spread all day with two bites on the baits and no releases.

Feb 19, 2011– the gang on the Big Fish headed for Rosa Blanca. There was a lot of life but the marlin were absent with only 2 fish raised and no bites. Tunas were present and a few small big eyes were caught.

Feb 20, 2011– cruising 50 miles to the island of Floreana it was time to search for something bigger. The conditions were excellent and lots of bonito in the area. The crew caught and bridle rigged a few lived bonito but not bites came within an hour so it was back to trolling. Lots of bites from big eyes and bonitos. Had they wanted to catch small tuna it could have gone on all day! Unfortunately no marlin were in the cards.

Feb 21, 2011– heading 68 miles to Black Sheep Bank Tom and John were hoping for some better action. Stripeys were seen working the baitfish and 7 fish were raised with 5 bites on the pitch baits. More bait was seen on the bank and you could tell there were more stripeys around.

Feb 22, 2011– once again the gang made the 68 mile run to Black Sheep Bank. Again lots of stripeys feeding on the surface and bait balls were seen. The fish were hard to pick off the bait balls. Nevertheless 9 fish were raised and with 4 bites and 1 release.

Feb 23, 2011– Mike and Tom set out to Rosa Blanca Bank on the Big Fish while our other guest Jeff Morrow, Steven Parker, Randy Moss and Bob Willis fished onboard the Jhonamar 2 with captain Edwin Buenano. The Big Fish raised 4 stripeys and released 1 out of 3 bites close to 200#. A very nice 45# Big Eye made for a great dinner. The Jhonamar 2 had the action of a large blue and 2 stripeys but did not land any. They caught several tuna for dinner.

Feb 24, 2011– Jeff Morrow’s group fished on the Big Fish. Heading for Rosa Blanca they raised one stripey that did not react. Tunas were present but they headed for Punta Pitt to fish for blue marlin. Lots of dolphins and bonito but no marlin.

Feb 25, 2011– would end Morrow’s trip with a run on the Big Fish to Black Sheep Bank. The bank had bait balls and marlin feeding on a flat calm day. Sardines and flying fish sprayed the surface with stripeys busting. A beautiful site! 25 stripeys raised, 11 bites and 4 releases. Everyone caught a marlin today!

Folks the fishing is slow but not bad. If you fish for at least 4 or 5 days you will more than likely catch marlin with us. The bite will turn on soon. People have been speculating with earthquakes and other things possible but I think it is all hogwash! Earthquakes have been around since the beginning of time and while currents may shift the fishing have been living in the sea longer than man has been around. It is only a matter of more bait coming higher from their spawn and the fish will be back in good numbers.

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