Galapagos and Manta Marlin Fishing Report

Aug 25, 2011Fishing Reports

Fellow Anglers:

In order to keep you informed I try to put out a fair report of the action as best as I know it every time I receive information. The reports provided are a collections from the captains of our boats, boat we work with, friends and other people.



The past month has been very productive for blue marlin. Winds and rough seas have kept many anglers busy hunting, working or doing other things. Therefore not as many boats as usual have been out. Seas have been a steady 5 foot chop average for the last 3 weeks and water temperature has dropped from the high of 79 F 2 weeks ago to 76 F. Nevertheless most boats averaged 3 to 6 raises of mainly blue marlin the first half of August. The blues seem to be feeding on squid and flying fish mainly.

The second half of August has shown cooler water even though the currents have been pushing South for almost a month. Marlin fishing has remained quite good for the most part with 2 to 3 raises of blues on average from August 15 to the 21. Fish have averaged 200 to 400 lbs with a few over 500 lbs reported.

Galapagos Islands

Water remains quite cold offshore San Cristobal with 67 F reported. Boats have not been fishing in the last 3 weeks and are doing scheduled maintenance. However passenger boat captains have reported striped marlin tailing frequently 2 to 10 miles West of port. Seas are rough and windy season is in full swing. Fishing and sea conditions should start to improve by late September.

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