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Feb 22, 2012Fishing Reports

San Cristobal, the weather has been absolutely spectacular the last few days. The water color and fishing has been a roller coaster as well. Green upwelling just a few days ago near the island have now lead to lots of bait and beautiful blue water. The inshore fishing has been incredible for tuna, wahoo, grouper and bottom fish. The marlin fishing has been quite good on 88 Bank.

Feb 18, 2012– Mike Eakins and Tom Noonan are regulars with our operation for the last 6 years. The fished on the Big Fish and headed out to 88 Bank. The seas were calm and skies were sunny. Water was 80 F in the AM and blue. Plenty of dolphin life on the bank and sardines could be seen on the monitor. 8 stripey tailers were spotted at one time on the surface. We spotted 3 more marlin tailing. The marlin were not very aggressive and only 3 fish were raised with one bite. There are days when you know the fish are there but just won’t bite. This was one of them.

Feb 19, 2012– we decided to take the Big Fish with Mike and Tom to the area called the Easter Egg. Hoping for a repeat of the success the week before with the Haywoods we fish the 3000 foot drop. Water was a greenish blue tint and may have not been ideal. The only predators to come close to the baits were a large tiger shark and bonitos. Sharks are not allowed to be fished for so no chance at trying to catch the large tiger. The day was beautiful and sunny but unfortunately we did not raise any marlin.

Feb 20, 2012– on-board the Big Fish we returned to Bank 88. The day was perfect for fishing. The ocean was calm with 78 F in the AM. The same pod of dolphins that had been there 2 days before was feeding on the bank. By 12 pm we had raised two stripeys and broke one off apparently cutting the line with its tail near the boat. As the afternoon progressed the bite got hotter and we got clobbered by clusters of marlin. Quite a few window shoppers as well. By the end of the day we had raised 13 striped marlin had 8 bites, broke one of and caught one fish. We used small ballyhoo and large ballyhoo on 8/0 and 9/0 circle hooks but could not get good hook sets. Just one of those days I guess.

Feb 21, 2012– it was hard to believe but the days was nicer than the previous. Flat calm ocean, blue water and just a perfect day to fish. Mike and Tom made their way on the Big Fish to Bank 88. No birds, no dolphins and apparently no life when we arrived. However we were greated by schools of sardines and bonito on the surface. It did not take long before a rather large striped marlin came out with dorsal fin determined to eat the starboard long rigger bait.

The morning was slow but the bite began to pick up around mid day and the action became nonstop until we left. 13 striped marlin and 1 nice blue around 300 plus were raised. Mike released a stripey of around 180#. Tom released 2 stripeys each around 170# and got within 5 feet of the leader with a blue. The blue ate a purple and black hair lure usually pulled down the middle of the spread. We don’t usually fish lures but there are times that the stripeys become very finicky and will window shop every bait in the spread and rather eat a lure. The day ended with 14 raises total, 9 bites and 4 releases.

Feb 22, 2012– The Big Fish headed for 88 Bank. The day was very calm and the water was cobalt blue. Water temp was 78.6 F to start the morning and we were the only ones fishing on a partly cloudy day. The action started late morning and progressed as the afternoon went on. 9 striped marlin were raised with 6 bites, one broken leader and 2 releases. Tom and mike each caught a nice stripey around 200 lbs.

Folks the fishing may not be up to its potential yet but it is still pretty darn good when you consider that we are fishing for marlin and not sailfish. There are still a couple of openings this year if you wish to experience the best marlin fishery in the World. La Nina effects seem to have dissipated and we expect this fishery to blow wide open anytime.

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