First December Groups Fishing In The Galapagos Islands

Dec 5, 2020Fishing Reports

San Cristobal Island, Galapagos

Elton Fletcher, Gary Velie and James Jones arrived in San Cristobal Island on December 4th to start their fishing adventure. They will be targeting striped marlin, yellowfin tuna and wahoo. The Galapagos are open to anglers and tourists from around the world and Ecuagringo is the first outfitter to bring you all the action from Galapagos.

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Unfortunately due to Covid many businesses shut their doors for good in the Galapagos including several other outfitters. However, first and longest running outfitter of the Galapagos, Ecuagringo, are open for business and ready to take you fishing.

Ecuagringo is the only company with 4 full time boats at our disposition and capable of catering to larger groups. We have the offices in Florida, Guayaquil and San Cristobal Island with a permanent staff that has experiences serving anglers, hunters and travelers of all ages since 1993.

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Fishing Reports Will Continue

Our staff makes every effort to keep our readers informed with all the happenings from the Galapagos. We know how important up to date fishing reports are and we strive to provide them accurately and timely.

It certainly has been quite challenging after Covid to continue providing fishing reports. Difficult times require getting creative and our crew have certainly helps us continue posting a few reports each months from their subsitince fishing experiences.

Now that we have several groups of anglers fishing the month of December and January you can expect more fishing reports.

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