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Jan 19, 2020Fishing Reports

Galapagos Islands Marlin & Tuna Fishing Report

Fellow anglers,

The incredible marlin fishing in the Galapagos Islands continues with Randall and Maddie Sook making up father and daughter angling team. Mr. Sook had mentioned fishing in Panama 4 times to catch one billfish total in 4 trips. He was concerned about making the investment of time and money to come to the Galapagos to get skunked. While no one can guarantee catching any fish we assured him that the Galapagos would offer his best chances at multiple marlin each day.

And so Randy, as he likes to be called, had us arrange a trip to travel to the Galapagos with 2 days notice and take advantage of a last minute opening. So far he has fished 3 days and we don’t think he and his daughter have been disappointed. San Cristobal Island is the only island in the Galapagos that affords anglers the opportunity to fish within reason multiple banks North, South, East and West for striped marlin.

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Others may offer anglers fishing from Santa Cruz Island but that allows you to fish only one or two areas. When looking to book the Galapagos Islands you should always consider San Cristobal Island first if you want to maximize your shots at large striped marlin.

San Cristobal Island:

January 16-18, 2020– Mantarraya captained by Jonathan Valiente fished what has been the hottest bank all year Española Bank. This bank is accessible from San Cristobal Island and is quite far from Santa Cruz Island. Seas were calm for the most part all three days of fishing so far with birds working on the bank.

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Striped marlin were seen feeding and tailing on the surface. The Galapagos Islands offer vast marine life and a show like no other on Earth. Father and daughter team of Randy and Maddy have released 26 striped and 1 blue marlin so far out of 61 bites with a total 111 fish raised over 3 days.

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Hurry as last minute available 2020 prime season dates left are selling out:

San Cristobal Island High Numbers Striped Marlin Bite

Fish the world’s best year round billfish fishery for multiple to dozens of shots at striped marlin daily. You will not find better fishing for striped marlin anywhere on the planet from December to June!! Take advantage of these dates. Some dates have sold since our last report just 2 days ago!!

21 to 23 (3 days 1 boat) sold out
30 to 31 (2 days 1 boat)

1 to 4 (4 days 1 boat)
2 to 4 (3 days 1 boat)
12 to 15 (4 days 2 boats)
26 to 29 (4 days 1 boat) sold out

Isabela Island Giant Blue Marlin Dates Hosted By Braden Escobar

Your best chance in the Pacific to hook up with a grander blue marlin and experience the ultimate 130# tackle.

9 to 13 (5 days 1 boat)

Due to high demand we may be making a few dates in May available for the giant blue marlin fishing. Contact us if you are interested.

If you are missing out for 2020 then you need to book your dates for 2021 which are starting to go fast. Don’t let other tell you about it an come fish the best marlin waters anywhere.

Contact Ecuagringo to plan your marlin fishing charter vacation!

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