Fantastic Striped Marlin Bite Happening Now San Cristobal Island!

Feb 17, 2023Fishing Reports

Blue Marlin Conditions Are The Best In 3 Years In The Galapagos!!!

Galapagos Marlin & Fishing Report

San Cristobal Island is the place to be if you want to have double digit shots daily at striped marlin right now.  Just a recap of the last week before we take you to the latest marlin fishing report:  February 11 an 12 there was an average of 8 boats fishing each day and managed to raised over 500 striped marlin in 2 days.  February 13 – 15 a combined 3 boats fishing 3 days managed to raise over 300 striped marlin.  Folks these are incredible numbers that you will only find maybe in Magdalena Bay, Mexico if you can get a boat out there in September and October.

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Otherwise there is not other place in the Pacific Ocean that you will have the constant marlin action that we have been seeing in the Galapagos Islands lately.  Matter of fact the last 6 years in the Galapagos have been some of the best year-round marlin fishing found anywhere in the world.  Not to mentioned the warm waters have brought mahi mahi in such numbers that boats are trying to avoid them in order to be able to target marlin.  So here we are:

Feb 16, 2023– Rosa Blanca Bank is one of the banks where the action has been. Peter Santini fishing onboard Vertigo 2 raised 51 striped marlin and had 31 bites and released 9 striped marlin. Santini reported seeing a blue marlin come into the spread of the Vertigo 2. Vertigo 1 raised 37 striped marlin, had 24 bites and released 7.  Several mahi mahi around 25 pounds were caught by each boat as well.  Coyote reported raising 50 marlin  but we were not able to get more information as to bites and releases. 

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Feb 17, 2023– Española Banks were the area of choice by Peter Santini taking his guest on Vertigo 2 to marlin fish until mid day and then target groupers of the bottom.  Santini reported 21 striped marlin raised, 13 bites and 6 releases with a few mahi mahi caught in between. Vertigo 1 fished the same area and reported 23 raises, 15 bites and released 7 striped marlin and a few mahi until mid day and then went bottom fishing for grouper and caught a bunch.

Blue Marlin:

Folks the water is averaging now 80 to 83 F and there is plenty of sardines, squid and mahi mahi spread throughout the Galapagos.  Most of our anglers are focused on the high volume striped marlin fishing happening on the Rosa Blanca & Española Banks East and South of San Cristobal Island.  Blue marlin are being found mixed in with the striped marlin.  However, the real story is what is happening out of Isabela Island where giant blue marlin are caught just about every year.

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The local artesanal anglers who are fishing for tuna have already reported in the last two weeks hooking into two fish estimated over 700 pounds while hand-lining tunas from their pangas. one fish got away and one was brought to port but not weighed.  The local artesanal boat of Isabela do not usually target blue marlin.

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