Española Banks Are On Fire!

Mar 25, 2023Fishing Reports

Galapagos Islands Ecuagringo Marlin & Fishing Report

The last week has been very productive with an average 20 to 40 plus raises per day of large striped marlin on Española Banks.  The 30 to 35 mile run South of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno from San Cristobal Island has been the winning ticket most days this year when targeting striped marlin.

Vertigo 1 and Patrica have been at it targeting striped marlin last few days.  0-30 Bank was loaded with mahi mahi but no marlin.  Isabela Island saw blue marlin for less than 5 days where only 2 blue marlin were seen in the spread.  One fish was estimated over 800# and got bill wrapped.

marlin fishing galapagos 20230325 04

March 22, 2023– Vertigo 1 reported raising over 33 striped marlin and having 20 bites and releasing  7. Patricia fishing 0-30 Bank had 19 mahi mahi bites and caught 9 and a tuna.  They were targeting striped marlin so lures were a bit big and not meant for mahi.  Lots of topwater life on 0-30 bank but no marlin to be seen.

March 23, 2023– Vertigo 1 reported raising over 40 striped marlin and having 25 bites and releasing  5. Lots of surface action with birds diving and feeding frenzies.

March 24, 2023– Patricia fished with Michael and Cadence Stewart the Española Banks.  They raised over 30 big striped marlin had 18 bites and released 7 on lures.  Some the striped marlin pushed 210 to 230 pounds.

marlin fishing galapagos 20230325 05

More fishing reports soon to come from Isabela Island for giant blue marlin!  If you want to book last minute available dates or secure May and June which are statistically two of the best striped marlin months of the year then don’t wait.

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