Española Bank Is On Fire With Striped Marlin Frenzies!

Jan 28, 2021Fishing Reports

If you are looking for one of the best large striped marlin bites happening on the planet then you need to consider San Cristobal Island, Galapagos Islands. The marlin bite has been one of the most productive for over 22 years since Ecuagringo began operating the first charter boat in the Galapagos.

2021 has started very strong and we are now averaging 30 to 50 striped marlin raises. The sardines have become very thick in the last week on the banks. Diving birds, sea lions, sharks, dolphins and lots of striped marlin are feeding on the banks 30 miles South of San Cristobal. If you want to fish the world’s most productive water then you need to book now.

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Here is the latest report on all the action:

January 25, 2021– Johnamar 2 fished the banks off Española Island and found lost of striped marlin feeding on the surface. They raised 37 striped marlin, had 23 bites and released 11 on lures plus went 1/1 on a blue marlin estimated around 400#.

January 26, 2021– Johnamar 2 returned to the same area off Española to find very good action from striped marlin averaging 120 to 200#. They raised 54 striped marlin had 32 bites and released 12 on lures.

January 27, 2021– Johnamar 2 fished its last day on the banks off Española Island. The action continued red hot with 31 striped marlin raised 14 bites and 6 releases on lures plus a black marlin estimated around 600# that spit the hook about 50 meters from the boat.

The fishing is very good in the Galapagos and red hot. If you want to fish with the first and longest running outfitter then you need to book your trip today. The prime fishing season runs December to June.

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