Ecuagringo Marlin & Tuna Fishing Report Galápagos Islands 25-27, April, 2017

Apr 29, 2017Fishing Reports

Fellow Anglers:

This is a quick report to inform you of the latest action in Galapagos and Manta Ecuador. We are in our busy season and there is good news following the slow bite we had last week in Galapagos. Manta has continued to be strong the last two weeks with lost of striped and blue marlin. Galapagos marlin fishing and Manta marlin fishing are two of our most sought after adventures in South America….

San Cristobal/Galapagos Islands
Plenty of action from tuna and dorado. Those anglers coming down to cast poppers and flies should find terrific fun from these smaller fish. Marlin are starting show up a little better as compared to the last 2 weeks.

Feb 17, 2017- Jhonamar 2 onboard with guest Vadim Titovets and Christiaan Prestorius fished near La Orca looking for marlin on fly. They raised 2 striped marlin but could not entice them to eat the fly. The big eye tunas and bonito were very thick but would not eat anything. The amount of bait and life was incredible and the anglers were happy to see so much marine life even-though they could not entice bites from fish.

Feb 18, 2017- Jhonamar 2 fishing “Secret Spot” saw plenty of action from dorado, tuna and bonito catching about 20 fish between anglers Titivets and Prestorius. Later in the day they raised two striped marlin on a single teaser and Titovets was able to cast a perfect fly to catch and release his first Galapagos striped marlin.

Feb 19, 2017- Presidential election day in Ecuador, Jhonamar 2 left the dock around 8:00 AM since crews are obligated to vote. Titovets and Prestorius wanted to catch tuna and dorado. After about 20 fish on fly they went to try for marlin. After less than 10 minutes of arriving on one of the sea mounds they found bait on the monitor and teased up a striped marlin. Prestorius cast and the striped marlin gave a ferocious bite. The fish made some nice jumps and unfortunately a knot in the tippet gave way and the fish was gone. Another striped marlin was seen on the surface that would not tease. Not bad considering they fished for marlin less than 3 hours.

Feb 17, 2017- Atomic reported going 1/2 on striped marlin and loosing 1 blue marlin. Panga Don Tiofilo went 1/3 on blue marlin and 1/1 on striped marlin. Panga Don Pepe 4/6 blue marlin and 0/2 on striped marlin. Golfito 0/1 on striped marlin and 0/1 on blue marlin. Panga Amigo 2/4 on blue marlin and 1/2 on striped marlin.

Feb 18, 2017- Panga fleet reported a slow bite today with 2 or less fish raised per boat. Fish seemed to not be feeding.

Feb 19, 2017- Fishing picked up tremendously today. Titagao went 1/3 on blue marlin and 1/1 one striped marlin and returned to dock by 1 pm. Panga Amigo reported 4/6 blue marlin and 1/2 on striped marlin. Most of the fleet reported 4 to 10 raises of blue and striped marlin per Panga. At the close of this report we could not get all the specifics per boat as some were staying out later to take advantage of a good bite.

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