2016 – Marlin Report First Days of August

Aug 7, 2016Fishing Reports

Fellow Anglers:
Our staff is working hard to continuously provide the latest news and reports for all our destinations. We believe some of the world’s best and safest marlin fishing is in Pacific South America. If you want to experience something new, if you are tired of the same fishing holes year after year, if you want to have the trip of a lifetime, if you want activities for the whole family and if safety is a must then you need to book your next trip with us.

We want to remind all our anglers and friends that we will be at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show Nov 3 to 7, 2016 in the Sailfish Pavilion. Come and visit us!

Galapagos Islands

Colder waters moved in about the third week of July and temperatures have been 68 to 71 F in most areas. This mixing year after year usually creates and abundance of nutrients and bait. While Santa Cruz Island may have a decrease in the marlin fishing it is known for the tuna and wahoo fishing is fantastic! San Cristobal Island having access to several banks on the East and the North usually hangs strong with striped marlin.

San Cristobal Island

August 1, 2016 Colombian anglers Pedro Andersson and son Jaime fished aboard Jhonamar 2 as light tackle and spinning aficionados! They headed out very early to Bank 88 which is a 68 mile run from Puerto Baquerizo. The bank was loaded with bird life with frigates chasing flying fish. Seas were a modest 3 to 4 foot chop and temperatures were 72 F. Water clarity was and offset blue grey. Just minutes after arriving on the bank a double of striped marlin came into the teasers. Pedro pitched a chugger bait with his spinning rod rigged with 80# spectra. The striped marlin took a solid hook up. Jaime pitched a second bait to the second stripey but got back a “san cocho”! Minutes later a nice 160# was quickly released. About 2 hours went by before another striped marlin was raised but would not eat. Around 1:06 pm 4 striped marlin came into the spread chasing teasers and daisy chains. Father and son would hook up this time for a perfect 2/2 and release. Around 2:15 another striped marlin was raised that took a bait and spit. As soon as teasers went back in the water a double of striped marlin came in the spread and Pedro hook one and the other fish faded away. Another quick release of a stripey around 180#. Teasers went back in the water and 10 minutes later a large striped marlin around 220# took Jaime’s bait for about a 20 minute battle. 12 striped marlin raised, 7 bites and 5 releases.


August 2, 2016 our Colombian anglers went back for more on the 68 mile run to Bank 88 onboard Jhonamar 2. Conditions were similar with an overcast day. Teasers went in the water about 1 mile from the bank as bait was seen on the surface. Pedro put out a feather on his spinning outfit and less than 5 minutes into the troll a big eye tuna took the feather for a nose dive. The battle went on for about 10 minutes. The nice 80# big eye was brought to gaff and would make for a perfectly delicious sashimi later in the day. The morning was quiet until about 11:00 am when 3 striped marlin were seen tailing on the bank. Immediately as the captain made a pass the fish dived and came out in the teasers. Father and son pitched their baits for a 2/2 perfect hookup. After releasing both striped marlin about 20 minutes later lines went back in the water. Not long before another stripey came into the spread and Jaime would get a good hook set. After release lunch was served but the pair had hardly time to sit down when a double of striped marlin came out one on each bridge teaser. Getting baits out both anglers had to settle for a double “san cocho”. Things were silent for about another hour when two stripey would come into the spread. Pedro managed to get a good hook set while Jaime got another “san cocho” Pedro released his fish after less than 15 minutes. Next a stripey would come in to inspect but would not eat. A few minutes later another stripey would do the same and no bite. The day would end with 10 striped marlin raised 6 bites and 4 releases!


August 1, 2016 a few boats from the Manta Yatch Club focused on fishing for wahoo nearby and averaged 4 to 8 wahoo in the 30 to 60# range. One boat went after marlin and reported 2 bites from blue marlin and 2 from striped marlin but were not able to get solid hook ups on any. Fishing the edge of a mixture between 72 F and 76 F with quite a few pockets of cold and warm water North of Manta.

August 2, 2016 a skiff reported catching 2 blues and losing a striped marlin. Another skiff fought a blue estimated over 800 for 3 hours before it died deep. It took them over an hour to ease the fish up.

August 3, 2016 a boat named Atomic went 0/4 on blues while Raquel went 1/1 on a blue. A skiff from the nearby town of San mateo went 1/3 on blues.

Folks the fishing in Manta continues to be today the most reliable blue marlin fishing in South America for a natural fishery without fads.



The great Marlin Boulevard after being quiet for marlin most of the summer Salinas has had some action!
August 3, 2016 Choca went 1/1 on blue marlin.

August 4, 2016 Chasin Tail went 1/3 on blue marlin including a a double of blues. Saray went 1/2 on blue marlin.


Many anglers have been asking about Peru and we appreciate the excitement building. We are working diligently to have our boat ready by late 2017 there. As soon as we have more reports from some possible exploratory trips we are planning we will keep you posted. If you would like to be part of one of our exploratory trips please contact us.


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