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Aug 16, 2012Fishing Reports

August has been a busy month for our folks here in Ecuagringo. Between hunts in Peru and fishing charters in Galapagos and Manta we have had our hands full. The weather in general has been cooler and windier in Galapagos and Manta which is normal for August. We are happy to report that for the last 3 months we have been finding more and more sardines on Rosa Blanca Bank. After a serious decline in bait believed to be caused by La Nina we are starting to see good amount of sardines and squid returning to Rosa Blanca. Striped marlin have returned as well. The numbers are generally not outstanding in August when compared to November through May stats however the fish tend to be much bigger in average.

Manta has been an interesting case. While the fishing has not been on fire like the previous 4 years in August there are still some blue marlin, stripeys and sails to be found. Find the current pushing South, blue water, 76 F or more and generally you will find marlin.

Galapagos Islands

San Cristobal

We had the pleasure of fishing with a great angler and person Mr. Jim Czaban. Jim and his family were coming off a cruise. Ecuagringo guide and mate Ronnie picked up the Czaban family in Baltra and made sure they got to San Cristobal on Agust 12, 2012. A bit of bottom fishing to warm up the same afternoon and Jim was ready to go marlin fishing the next day.

August 13, 2012– the Big Fish captained by Fernando Yepez head for Rosa Blanca Bank. Yepez reported large numbers of bait hanging down 80 to 250 feet. Water temp was 71.4 F and seas were 5 to 7 foot with some wind. Using a combination of ballyhoo and lures the crew reported raising 4 striped marlin and seeing 4 more tailers. They had one bite from a massive stripey that pushed 250#. 30 minutes or so later Jim had his first striped marlin release.

August 14, 2012– the Big Fish headed for Rosa Blanca. They day was a bit windier and the water was greener. Conditions had changed over night and the bait was not like the day before. Only a couple of tailers were seen and the action was from tuna. Water temp was 70 F.

August 16, 2012– my good friend Miguel Salvatierra headed out for a day of marlin fishing with his son Miguelito. Onboard the Big Fish they went to try their luck on Rosa Blanca Bank. Water temp had increased a little to 71.5 and there seemed to be a bit more life on the bank. Dolphins and tuna were present and a decent amount of bait. 7 striped marlin were raised with 4 bites and 2 releases. One release on a lure and the other on a ballyhoo with a circle hook. Our crews like to combine a few lures when covering lots of water to find fish but we still try to keep it a circle hook fishery.



A very enjoyable family like the Adkins is one of a kind. Aaron Adkins and his wife Vanessa and sons Andres and Diego visited us to fish Manta, Ecuador. The water conditions were beautiful with deep blue, 76 to 77 F most days and the seas were quite bearable to pleasant. Aaron and his son Andre fished onboard the Choca for 4 days ending August 15 but other boats continued to fish until August 16, 2012 the day of the writing of this report.

August 11, 2012– onboard the Choca Aaron and his son Andres headed out to find the mystical blue marlin. Two tailing striped marlin and an outrigger knock down from a blue marlin were all she wrote for the day.

August 12, 2012– heading out North of manta to try luck again would find Aaron fight a blue marlin by 9:38 am around 250lbs. The blue jumped and dance spitting the hook about 2 minutes into the fight. Nevertheless putting on a wonderful display of aggression. Later there would be a stripey raised but that would not bite. 3 striped marlin and 1 blue were seen tailing.

August 14, 2012– again onboard Choca Aaron and his son set out to find blue marlin. Conditions were very nice with plenty of flying fish and beautiful water color. A bite from a large sailfish estimated around 120 lb came early but spit the hook. A striped marlin and later a blue were seen tailing and nice little dorado was caught at the end of the day that would make for a very good meal.

August 15, 2012– with reports of local fishermen finding blue marlin while trolling at higher speeds we decide to ditch baits and teasers and switch for the to all lures at high speeds. Trolling around 11 knots for most of the day we had an early bite from a blue. The rest of the day went uneventful.

August 16, 2012– three boats went out from the Manta yatch club and headed South of Manta. They found the bite 30 miles from Manta and incredibly experienced raising 4 to 7 blues each. 9 fish were reported caught between 3 boats. Yes I am left scratching my head on this one. 15 to 20 miles of body water apart seemed to hold more fish than where we were the previous day.

Folks if you are looking to try your luck at striped or blue marlin then you need to contact us now. Dates are fast filling up for the 2013 Galapagos season.

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