Ecuador Marlin Fishing Report

Feb 10, 2013Fishing Reports

February 2013– The seasonal change has been somewhat slow with February rolling in and the rainy season still not in full swing around coastal Ecuador. Most days have been cloudy and overcast in Salinas, Manta and Galapagos since February began.

Most of our destinations had a slow start in January as far as bites go. Salinas produced quite a bit of striped marlin site seeing with boats reporting many days of dozens of stripeys that would not bite tailing on the surface. Blue marlin were unusually scarce but the ones released were averaging 500 to 700 lbs in Salinas.

Manta has not had much action and January can be a coin toss. However Manta is usually very hot or very slow but you can count on finding blues almost all year round.

San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands is just getting into full swing with it’s fishing season. Very calm seas and lots of overcast skies normal for this time of the year. Seas have not warmed up to their potential yet and remain around 76 F in most of the islands. We begin to fish heavily next week and will be reporting the action.

We are currently working onto tapping into the seriously good day sword fishing in the Galapagos and will be reporting our results in the following months.

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