Ecuador & The Galapagos Islands Is Where You Need To Be If You Want Lots Of Marlin

Feb 1, 2018Fishing Reports

Ecuador & Galapagos Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo and Swordfish Fishing Reports!

January 29 – February 1, 2018

Fellow Anglers,

Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands are delivering a stellar 2018. January closes as the best on record in over 3 years. Lots of blue marlin out of Manta/Ecuador, striped marlin in double digit numbers in Galapagos and Salinas hosting a terrific international tournament for IGFA. Read all about it in this report:

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Jan 29, 2018– Miura 33ft with Captain Andres Calero, Peter Gelfand, Bobby Carrillo and the Ecuagringo Team had a good day of fishing raising 4 blue marlin, 1 black marlin and 2 striped marlin. They could not hold on to them and ended up with 0/7 bites and also two lost mahi-mahi. Aguja Azul went 3/10 on blue marlin. Panga Mazinger went 3/5 on blue marlin and 1/4 on striped marlin.

Jan 30, 2018– Panga Explorer reported 1/3 on blue marlin, 1/1 on sailfish and 1/2 on striped marlin. Panga Don Teofilo had 1/1 on black marlin, 2/3 on striped marlin and 1/2 on blue marlin.

Jan 31, 2018– Miura 33ft fishing with Peter Gelfand, Bobby Carrillo and the Ecuagringo Team raised 4 striped marlin and went 2/3 on bites and went 0/1 on blue marlin bites and raised 2 blues. Another boat fishing in the same area reported releasing 2 blue marlin and a striped marlin with 8 raises of marlin. The Panga fleet raised 4 to 10 marlin per boat between 15 pangas fishing.

Feb 1, 2018– Miura fished with Peter Gelfand and Bobby Carrillo for broomtail groupers jigging. They cayght 4 nice grouper in a few hours and an almaco jack before heading in for lunch.


Jan 29-30, 2018– The blue marlin run continues with several boats out which we could not get names in time for this report but mentioned 1 to 3 blue marlin raises average per boat and 1 to 3 raises of striped marlin and some mahi-mahi action.

Jan 31, 2018– Day 1 of the IGFA Salinas International Tournament over 30 marlin releases between 30 boats participating.

Feb 1, 2018– Day 2 of the IGFA Salinas International Tournament over 50 marlin releases between the 30 boats participating.

Galapagos Islands:

San Cristobal

Jan 29, 2018– Mantaraya reported 1/1 on a nice black marlin about 400#, 2/6 on striped marlin and a few tuna.

Jan 30, 2018– On The Hook with Captain Gus fished Punta Pitt and released a nice blue marlin about 500#, went 2/3 on striped marlin and said to loose a black marlin about 600# that spit the hook.

Jan 31, 2018– On The Hook fished 0-30 Bank and captain Gus mentioned it was loaded with sardines. Tuna were busting and the marlin were seen tailing and feeding. They raised 11 striped marlin had 7 bites and released 4. Off the bank they raised a black marlin about 400# that chased the teaser but would not switch over to a bait.

We have some windows open to fish last minute in San Cristobal/Galapagos Island and Manta. Galapagos dates for February still open February 14-17, 2018 one boat available and February 19-22, 2018. Manta has February 19-25, 2018 open onboard Miura 33ft. Take advantage of these dates as they will not last.

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