Double digit marlin action in May!

May 6, 2019Fishing Reports

Fellow Anglers,

The fishing has been quite solid in May with double digit striped marlin action for all boats everyday so far. Boat have been averaging 10 to 30 marlin raises a day with a few blue marlin and even black marlin in the mix. Sardines, dolphins, sharks, whales and marlin feeding on the surface continue to provide an incredible marine show. Part of the charm to fishing in the Galapagos is immersing yourself with so much marine life unlike anywhere else.

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May 3, 2019– Mantaraya fishing with anglers from Ukraine and captain Mike Crossier raised 20 striped marlin and two blue marlin. They had bites from 9 striped marlin and releases 5 but got tired after 5 hours of fishing and wanted to go back in for more vodka!

The blue marlin did not take anything but did put on a show behind the spread. On The Hook fishing with the rest of the group from Ukraine raised 13 striped marlin and release 4 out of 7 bites.

May 4, 2019– One of those days for the On The Hook where the fish came unglued. They raised 26 striped marlin, one large blue marlin that ripped off a bridge teaser and 19 stripey bites going 0/19. 7 fish reported lost near the boat before mates could grab leader.

A bit of angler overexcitement and inexperience also reported in the mix but still a fun day for everyone. Mantaraya changed course and went to check out Española Bank and raised 14 striped marlin, had 7 bites and released 2.

marlin fishing report 20190506 02

May 5, 2019– Mantaraya 4/9 on striped marlin and raised 20 with lots of life such as whales, dolphins, birds diving and more. On The Hook went 5/10 on striped marlin and 1/1 on a small black marlin and raised 22 marlin. Both boats still fishing with group from Ukraine.

Folks, there are still a few last minute dates available in May and June 2019 if you want to fish the Galapagos Island’s incredible marlin bite. 2020 dates are selling out fast and fishing for Grander marlin out of Isabela Isabela is down to 3 sets of dates left for 2020 season. Contact us today for your next trip of a lifetime.

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