Double Digit Bite Continues Off 0-30 Bank

Dec 16, 2021Fishing Reports

Galapagos Islands Marlin Fishing Report

The Galapagos Islands continue to be your year round destination to target the best continuous large striped marlin action. In 2021 we have seen every month offer double digit action while fishing out of San Cristobal and Santa Cruz Islands. Isabela Island provided giant and grander blue marlin excitement for those who ventured to fish the waters with us.

Our company continues to make strides and improve fishing conditions with better boats, the best tackle and crews available in the Galapagos. We also have been working with authorities for some time to open up the possibility of participating in the 4th of July Blue Marlin World Cup. If this becomes a reality we will keep you posted.

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Dec 14, 2021– Mantarraya with Captain Jonathan Valiente at the helm fish with a last minute group out of San Cristobal Island. They headed for 0-30 Bank and raised 37 striped marlin. They had 22 bites and released 13 striped marlin.

Dec 15, 2021– Mantarrraya had another group that was referred to by a local guide. 2 couples fished with Captain Valiente on 0-30 Bank. They raised 26 striped marlin had 15 bites and released 6 fish for first time marlin anglers. They also caught a mahi mahi.

Unbelievable fishing in a most unique place. If you want to catch marlin then you need to book a trip with us to the Galapagos Islands.

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