December marlin bite is strong!

Dec 30, 2019Fishing Reports

Ecuagringo Galapagos Islands Marlin & Tuna Fishing Report

Fellow Anglers,

The marlin bite in the Galapagos continues to be strong with lots of fish on Española Bank. If you want to fish the best waters in the Galapagos Islands then you should consider booking a trip with Ecuagringo to fish out of San Cristobal Island.

San Cristobal has access to several fishing areas and banks which other islands like Santa Cruz don’t. The reasons we can produce marlin all year are the amount of bait and fishing options to find fishing in different areas.

ecuagringo marlin fishing report 20191230 02

December 27, 2019– Jonhamar reported fishing out of Española bank and raised 23 striped marlin and released had 12 bites and released 5 with guest from Brazil fishing lures. Sea conditions were very nice with lots of birds and bait seen on the bank as well as a few dozen striped marlin tailing.

December 29, 2019– Mantaraya captain by Jonathan Valiente fish with guest John and Kateleigh Calloway who caught their first striped marlin in the Galapagos Islands on their first day of fishing. They raised 35 striped marlin on lures, had 27 bites, lost 5 fish while fighting and released 7. The bank was full of life and seas were quiet calm.

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