December Fishing Off The Charts

Dec 19, 2017Fishing Reports

Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo and Swordfish Fishing Reports!

December 16-18, 2017

Fellow Anglers,

Fishing continues to be strong for various species in several of our destinations. Manta continues with a steady blue marlin and striped marlin bite. Galapagos continues to deliver with excellent big eye tuna fishing.



Dec 16, 2017– Panga Don Mario went 1/3 on blue marlin and 1/1 on black marlin taking advantage of a nice Southern pushing current. Panga Mazinger went 2/2 on blue marlin and 1/2 on striped marlin.

Dec 17, 2017– Black Pearl from the Manta Yacht Club went 2/3 on blue marlin and 1/1 on striped marlin. Panga Mazinger went 1/3 on blue marlin and 2/2 on striped marlin. Panga Mi Pana went 1/2 on blue marlin.

Dec 18, 2017– The current began to change and most pangas experienced 1 or 2 raises from blue marlin.


Dec 18, 2017– Don Jaime went 1/1 on blue marlin and 0/1 on a striped marlin and caught a nice wahoo about 50#.

Sea Lions, San Cristobal Island Galapagos

Galapagos Islands

Santa Cruz Island

Dec 16, 2017– Patricia fished with Canadian group and had 5 bites from big eye tuna.

San Cristobal

Dec 17, 2017– Jhonamar 2 fishing out near the Barcasa caught 8 big eye tunas ranging from 10 to 45 lbs using poppers. Waters are starting to warm up with 73/74 F up a few degrees from last week and better/clearer water has moved in.

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