Blue Marlin Strikes Manta!

Aug 24, 2017Fishing Reports

Ecuador & Galapagos Marlin & Tuna Fishing Report

August 21-23, 2017

Fellow anglers,

Manta has exploded again this week with incredible blue marlin fishing. After what we consider a less than stellar previous week (1- 4 raises of billfish on average) this ongoing week has been exciting and full of action with double digit raises on August 22! Galapagos saw some cool and fast striped marlin action on bank 88 as some warmer water has moved in North of San Cristobal.

August 21, 2017– Fishing was 45 to 50 miles Northwest of Manta and panga Explorer reported going 2/4 on blue marlin. Panga Mazinger went 1/5 on blue marlin and panga Henry went 0/3 on blues. Panga Jose went 2/3 on blue marlin including a nice 850# that took about 2 hours to bring in. Conditions were said to be perfect cobalt blue water, lots of flying fish and current pushing South.

August 22, 2017– A fantastic day of marlin fishing Northwest 40 miles of Manta panga Don Teofilo went 7/12 on blue marlin and 1/2 on striped marlin. Panga Explorer went 5/15 on blue marlin. Panga Jose went 4/8 on blue marlin and 1 sailfish. Panga Mi Amigo went 6/12 on blue marlin. Panga Sol del Este had 6/10 on blue marlin. Lots of flying fish and sardines reported with beautiful water color and lots of life. Panga Soledad went 4/7 on blue marlin. Panga Luciano reported going 3/8 on blue marlin and 1/5 on striped marlin. Panga Milonga 2 went 5/11 on blue marlin and 1/3 on striped marlin.

August 23, 2017– Isabela owned by Bartolo Fernandez from Manta had caught 1/2 blue marlin by 9:30 AM before experiencing engine trouble and having to cut their day short. Atomic went 2/5 on blue marlin and 0/2 on striped marlin. Panga Henry went 2/6 on blue marlin. Panga Mazinger went 3/5 on blue marlin. Panga Explorer went 3/7 on blue marlin and 0/1 on striped marlin. Panga Jacinto went 0/3 on blue marlin.

Galapagos Islands

San Cristobal:

August 23, 2017– On The Hook went out to follow up on the previous good fishing days earlier on Bank 88. They made 68 mile run in choppy seas to find lots of bait and life on the bank. Big eye tuna were feeding on flying fish and it did not take long to raise a triple of striped marlin. Small big eye tunas were a pest and several big eyes would come and smack on the bridge teasers at the same time. Most tuna were under 20# this day. In total the crew raised 23 striped marlin and released 8! They were more interested in raising fish as they prepare for several charters coming up. Water was 76 F and conditions were choppy but beautiful. Late in the day a big blue marlin came in to eat a bridge teaser. Fish was estimated over 700# but would not take a bait.

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