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Jul 14, 2023Fishing Reports

Galapagos Marlin Fishing Report

The Galapagos Islands on a normal year are an impressive striped marlin fishery all year. However, get an unusually warm year like the El Niño event happening now and blue marlin will be around all year. Add some black marlin to the mix and you may have the making of a very unique fishery. Summers are generally slow time for the Galapagos when it comes to traveling anglers.

There seems to be the misconception that there is no fishing the “off months” in the Galapagos when the opposite is true. When conditions are right in the offseason we have seen some exceptional numbers of striped marlin and have experienced good blue and even black marlin bites. At times when there is no one traveling to fish with us for a couple of weeks we rely on reports from some of our mates and artesanal fishing friends who target tuna for local market on their pangas.

Santa Cruz Island

July 8, 2023– Our friend Mohab Villagomez fished on a panga for tuna on 0-30 Bank. Fishing was slow for tuna so they searched the top and edges of the bank trolling two large lures for marlin. They raised 6 striped marlin and released 1 out of 2 bites. Later in the day they had a black marlin estimated around 650 strip about 400 yards of line before spitting the hook.

July 10, 2023– Mohab Villagomez returned this time in hopes of finding action. After searching the bank for tuna they went to fish the deep side of the bank. He hooked into a black marlin estimated around 400 pounds which peeled his Penn senator and took all the line. With one rod down and no tuna bitting he called it quits by mid day.

July 11, 2023– Patricia had a single day charter with Ecuadorian anglers looking to catch some wahoo on Hancock Bank. Captain Yuri Gutierrez took the group to fish for wahoo 23 miles to Hancock Bank. They managed to catch 3 wahoo and a couple of small yellowfin when the anglers asked what else was around. Captain Gutierrez offered to run to Florean to try for blue marlin. They arrived close to mid day outside of Post Office.

After about 30 minutes fishing they hooked a nice blue marlin estimated about 600# pounds which was released after about 50 minutes by lady angler Stefania Cisneros. Lines went back in and about 30 minutes later a large shadow moved into the spread. The crew realized it to be a much bigger fish. This time they estimated about an 850# blue marlin that chased the Starboard bridge teaser but could not get it to switch over to a lure before it faded away. By all accounts, wahoo, tuna and blue marlin action make it an excellent day!

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Isabela Island

July 10, 2023– Thanks to mate Oscar Intriago who reported while fishing from his panga searching for swordfish and tuna 13 miles out of the port of Isabela Island. He caught 8 yellowfin tuna 30 to 50 pounds and hooked into a blue marlin estimated over 900 pounds that he fought for 3 hours before pulling the hook on his handline. Oscar trolls Rapalas, and lures made out of sacks and belly strips he rigs himself to catch tuna, mahi and even marlin.

In the past Oscar has caught some incredible blue and black marlin that would easily pass the 1000 pound mark and was part of what helped convince us that Isabela holds the key to one of the best grander marlin fisheries in the Pacific. He managed to harpoon a swordfish on his return to port. Swords are common to see on the surface of Isabela Island waters.

July 12, 2023– Oscar Intriago went on his panga after swordfish and manage to harpoon a nice sword. He trolled for tuna and caught 4 about 40 pounds each. Later in the day he raised a striped marlin that did not hook and raised a blue marlin about 500# that missed his lure.

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