Amazing Fast Action April Marlin Bite Galapagos Island

Apr 16, 2019Fishing Reports

Fellow Anglers,

Most days in April 2019, have been quite solid with incredible double digit bites on boats fishing. The slowest days have seen no less than 4 or 5 fish raised with the best days as many as 100 marlin raised. This month we have had anglers catch marlin on fly, spinning tackle, pitch baits and lures.

The Galapagos Islands are a place where you can try almost any type of sport fishing tactic you choose. Incredible day scenes of marine life, marlin feeding frenzies, bait balling, birds diving, sharks, sea lions, dolphins, whales, whale sharks, sea turtles and manta rays are frequently seen while fishing on the banks for marlin.

April 12, 2019– Perhaps the slowest day this month had On The Hook with Andy and Donna Long raise 5 striped marlin have 3 bites and release one very nice fish. Manta Raya fishing with Sean and Jenifer Mclellan raised 4 striped marlin and a black marlin from which they released a black marlin.

April 13, 2019– On The Hook fishing with Robert Browning went 6/10 on striped marlin and raised 23 fish using two bridge teaser and pithing baits.

April 14, 2019– On The Hook with Robert Browning, Wes Parish and Jonathan Moore went 10/18 on striped marlin with pitch baits and raised 28. Mantaraya went 6/18 on striped marlin and raised 30 with Jenifer Mclellan catching her first marlin.

April 15, 2019– Mantaraya raised 40 striped marlin, had 15 bite, broke of 3 fish due to problems with sharks and sea lions being too thick in the area and released 5. On The Hook raised 27 striped marlin using just 2 bridge teasers had 10 bites on pitch baits and released 4 fish. The marlin were seen feeding in frenzies on the surface.

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