389 Marlin Bites By White Marlin Open Group Of 12 Anglers In 5 Days

Jan 16, 2020Fishing Reports

Galapagos Islands Marlin & Tuna Fishing Report

Fellow Anglers,

There is no better bite for marlin happening on the planet at the moment. The Galapagos Islands may not get the exposure on social media that other destinations get due to slower internet.

However, anglers who have been fishing with us the last few years can relate to what it is to have multiple bites at one time, raise 20, 30, 50 and 100 plus marlin in a day and sea more marine life than almost anywhere else. Don’t take our word for it. Watch the testimonial by Jim Motzco himself here.

Ecuagringo team hosted 12 fishing club anglers from Ocean City, Maryland including Jim Motsko who is one of the main organizers of the World’s most prestigious billfish tournament the White Marlin Open.

In their words “there is nothing like the Galapagos on the planet”. Thanks to Glenn Mumbauer who kept records of bites and releases.

ecuagringo marlin fishing report 20200117 02

From January 11 to 15, 2020 these 12 anglers fishing onboard 3 boats (minus one down day for On The Hook) raised over 500 striped marlin and 10 blue marlin. They managed 389 bites and released 153 striped marlin and 6 blue marlin.

If these numbers of striped marlin averaging 120 to 200 pounds don’t impress you then nothing will. Boats experienced 30 to 65 raises of marlin per day for 5 days straight.

If you want to go then you need to contact us today. We are 80% booked for the prime season on our 3 boats. Take advantage of what we have left so you can experience the greatest marlin fishing on the planet happening now.

ecuagringo marlin fishing report 20200117 03

Last minute available 2020 prime season dates left:

San Cristobal Island High Numbers Striped Marlin Bite

Fish the world’s best year round billfish fishery for multiple to dozens of shots at striped marlin daily.

21 to 23 (3 days 1 boat)
30 to 31 (2 days 1 boat)

1 to 4 (4 days 1 boat)
2 to 4 (3 days 1 boat)
12 to 15 (4 days 2 boats)
26 to 29 (4 days 1 boat)

ecuagringo marlin fishing report 20200117 06

Isabela Island Giant Blue Marlin Dates Hosted By Braden Escobar

Your best chance in the Pacific to hook up with a grander blue marlin and experience the ultimate 130# tackle.

9 to 13 (5 days 1 boat)

Due to high demand we may be making a few dates in May available for the giant blue marlin fishing. Contact us if you are interested.

If you are missing out for 2020 then you need to book your dates for 2021 which are starting to go fast. Don’t let other tell you about it an come fish the best marlin waters anywhere.

Contact Ecuagringo to plan your marlin fishing charter vacation!

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