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May 27, 2016Fishing Reports

Fellow Anglers:
We apologize for not posting reports the last few weeks. As many of you may be aware a terrible 7.9 earthquake struck Ecuador. The most affected destinations were Manta and Esmeraldas with many dead, wounded and unaccounted for. Nevertheless we are now back and open for fishing. Much of the coast of Ecuador is beginning or waiting for reconstruction efforts. We will be posting reports regularly as some destinations pick up while other slow down this time of the year.


Local anglers have started to search for marlin again and the last two weeks have been quite promising. Artisanal skiffs have reported from May 10 to May 20, 2016 a constant raise of 2 to 5 marlin per boat per day. Mainly blue marlin with a few striped marlin mixed in. Most fish have averaged 200 to 300 lbs the last two weeks. May 21 stood out as several skiffs saw action of 5 to 8 raises and a couple of fish over 500 lbs were caught as well. May 22 they averaged 2 to 5 raises between 6 skiffs with a nice 700 lb caught. May 23 most skiffs averaged 2 or 3 raises. May 24, tow skiffs fishing between the area called “El Cabo” and La Plata Island caught two black marlin each and each raised two more that were lost. They reported seeing several blacks tailing on this day, the current was slowly pushing South with beautiful blue water and action was 10 to 16 miles from shore. Other skiffs fishing 25 to 30 miles out reported 3 to 5 raises of blue and striped marlin per day. May 25, one small sports boat named El Dorado released 2 blues and a striped marlin out of 6 raises and 4 bites. 5 skiffs reported around 25 miles out action of 3 to 5 raises of mainly blue marlin and the current was very slow pushing South. May 26, the current changed pushing slightly North and there was still action from 25 miles out reported by skiffs in the order of 1 to 4 raises of blues mainly. For most of the month of May seas have been mainly calm or 3 to 5 foot waves. Very nice weather and lots of bonito and small tuna. Blue water has been up to 4 miles from shore. All in all the fishing has been very consistent.

Inshore & Bottom:
Now while the marlin fishing has held steady the wahoo bite not so much. No wahoo have been reported around Manta. All the action has been far to the North by Pedernales, the town hit hardest by the April 16 earthquake. The bottom fishing for grouper with Captain Andres Calero has been quite good with several groupers in the 35 to 65 lbs range caught each day he has been out this month. The jigging and bottom bite usually improves with the summer coming up.

Galapagos Islands:

Santa Cruz

We are pleased to announce that once again Ecuagringo has a boat fishing out of Santa Cruz for those who choose to visit Santa Cruz Island. We have a 36 ft sport-fisher now available to fish for marlin, wahoo and tuna. Various reports talk about a new buoy placed near 0-30 Bank which is East of Santa Cruz and West of San Cristobal. This was the legendary bank that put the Galapagos Islands on the international sportfishing map as a marlin sanctuary when Ecuagringo began to fish on it in 2000.

Several local skiffs fishing May 10, 11 and 12 were going after tuna by hand and saw action from striped marlin and noticed them feeding. The sport-fisher “Bite Me” fishing with anglers on May 13 raised 10 striped marlin, had 8 bites and released 2. May 25, Captain “Ninja” a native from Santa Cruz reported fishing near 0-30 Bank with guests and releasing 2 striped marlin and catching 6 tunas of approximately 65 lb.

Inshore & Bottom:
The inshore fishing for wahoo and tuna continues to be arguably some of the best in the world. Local skiffs have reported catches of 50 to 200 wahoo on their two to three day outings fishing mainly near Bank San Luis. The bite has been exceptionally good May 20 to 24 with some skiffs catching as many as 60 wahoo per day on the troll. If you want to catch wahoo or tuna on popper, trolling or fly then this is the place to do it!
May 25, 2 skiffs targeting big eye tuna reported catches of 20 to 40 tuna per boat in the 25 to 60 lb range fishing on the troll.

San Cristobal

We will soon have a marlin report of San Cristobal as there are charters coming up in a few days after the release of this reports. Crews working in tourism have reported lots of sardines, bonito and tuna as well as seeing tailing marlin on top waters. Water conditions seem to be priming up for a good summer. More to come in a few days.

Inshore & Bottom:
The wahoo and tuna bite has been just as good as in Santa Cruz. Skiffs for the last two weeks have been returning with catches of 15 to 30 plus wahoo and tuna mixed batches per day. No grouper fishing reported lately but mainly because locals are targeting wahoo and tuna.

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Keep those reels screaming!

The Ecuagringo Fishing Team

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