2016 – March 13-16 Marlin Fishing report

Mar 15, 2016Fishing Reports

Fellow Anglers:
With El Niño causing mass rains, floodings and droughts in some areas it also has had an effect on the fishing along the South American Pacific coast. Reports of marlin and mahi mahi being caught in Northern Chile, blue marlin near Lima, Peru and more unusual fishing events are credited to the warm waters.

Here is a brief report from each destination we currently offer big game fishing:


The week of March 6-12, 2016 had currents pushing East most days an slow bill fishing. Wahoo and mahi mahi were caught by several boats that week with a few striped marlin caught and 2 blues lost.


The general marlin fishing was ok from March 6-13, 2016. However some notable highlights were March 7 when a panga caught a blue and a striped marlin and raised 7 more stripes. March 8 another panga had an encounter with a black, caught 2 striped marlin and raised a blue. March 13 Isabela reported a striped marlin caught and another cut off by a panga that ran over their line.

San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands:

It has been a hard year for Galapagos in the marlin department so far. Some boats have chosen to target tuna on light tackle. Chet Fenimore and his wife went for marlin onboard Jhonamar 2 on March 12. They had a bite apparently from an unidentified marlin and the crew saw a black marlin feeding on the surface but could not get it to bite. This while fishing the Punta Pitt drop.

Folks we will continue to keep you posted on all the action. You can follow us on FB or go on our website www.ecuagringo.com. Many people continue to inquire about Peru. We appreciate the excitement and interest and will keep you posted on our progress. As soon as we are prepared to take bookings we will let you know.

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