2016 – July Marlin Fishing Report

Jul 11, 2016Fishing Reports

Fellow Anglers:
We continue to make an effort to provide you the latest reports on the marlin and big game action for all our destination. We cover several in Ecuador such as: Manta, Esmeraldas, Salinas, San Cristobal/Galapagos, Santa Cruz/Galapagos and Cabo Blanco/Mancora Peru.


Very good blue and striped marlin action all of July. Reconstruction efforts are coming along and our 27 Ft Miura is up for charter and ready to take you to some great marlin action.

July 1 to 6- various skiffs have reported nice blue water, current pushing South with lots of bait. Miura Fished July 1 reported 2 striped marlin lost and a big dorado caught.Most days skiffs and pangas averaged 2 to 8 raises of blues and stripes per day. July 4 and 5 were the most notable with 3 pangas raising 10 or more marlin on July 4 and one skiff raising 13 marlin on July 5. The bait was mainly bonito and flying fish and the action was 25 to 35 miles West of San Mateo. Wahoo action near La Plata Island has been really good since May with some big wahoo over 80#.

Atomic fished July 7, 2016 and lost a blue estimated around 700# that died deep and they could not bring up. A second blue was lost that attempted to eat all the baits later in the day.


So far June and July has brought incredible wahoo action on the shallow reefs 3 to 8 miles from shore. The marlin bite offshore has been sporadic with some striped marlin raised but most boats are focused on catching wahoo. Most boats are reporting 5 to 18 wahoo caught per day.

Santa Cruz / Galapagos

Local pangas and skiffs are catching lots of wahoo and tuna for the local market which is quite small. The whole population between 4 islands is around 30,000 inhabitants. A few pangas fishing for tuna on 0-30 bank have reported seeing the first week of July small packs of tailing striped marlin on the surface. This is generally a common site in Galapagos waters on some of the banks.

San Cristobal / Galapagos

Artisanal anglers are catching lots of tuna and wahoo the first week of July. One of Ecuagringo’s mates “Tonino” fishing on a 9 m panga released July 3, 2016 a black marlin estimated around 500# while fishing near Punta Pitt for wahoo. The area of Punta Pitt is famous for striped, blue and black marlin being seen on the runs swimming in waters under 50 feet at times. Conditions remain good and we will be reporting more on upcoming charters.

Máncora / Cabo Blanco Perú

We are planning an exploratory trip for either late August or September 2016 on a panga to fish these waters. USD 300 a day per head gets you a spot on the panga. This is research we will be conducting for our future operation in 2017. Contact us if you are interested in being part of these famous waters.

Folks we will continue to keep you posted on all the action. If you want to experience a fishing trip & adventure of a lifetime then don’t hesitate to contact us info@ecuagringo.com.

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