2016 – July 3rd Week Marlin Fishing Report

Jul 22, 2016Fishing Reports

Fellow Anglers:
Lots of action going on so far in July. Most of the month has shown good marlin fishing in Manta. Waters in Galapagos dropped 6 degrees F in less than a week with the tuna and wahoo bite going strong and we have some new developments on Peru.
Wahoo and grouper onboard Miura, Manta.


For those who underestimate just how good a fishery Manta is, you need to keep in mind yea after year and report after report that more blue marlin are probably caught here than anywhere else in South America. This is a natural fishery with no banks, fads or artificial structure to attract fish and yet blue and striped marlin tend to swim through here to feed in large numbers.

July 12, 2016 Miura with Captain Andres Calero had a charter fishing for grouper and caught several broomtail grouper while jigging. The smallest 30# and the largest being 73#. We are reporting this type of fishing because more and more anglers around the world have been getting excited about jigging and bottom fishing. Two marlin skiffs fishing near Isla de la Plata reported raising 3 stripes one skiff and catching 2 while the other caught a blue and a striped marlin. Beautiful water and conditions

July 15, 2016 Miura fished with guest Mark Redd for wahoo and caught 5.

July 16, 2016 the Amalita owned by angler Jorge Pancho Jurado, caught 2 blue marlin out of 5 raises and 4 bites. The Chola owned by Francisco Sola went 1 for 2 on blue marlin out of 3 raised. Miura with Captain Calero lost a blue on the bite. A skiff reported 1 blue and a striped marlin caught.

July 17, 2016 Chola reported two striped marlin and a blue caught out of 4 bites. Amalita raised 2 blues and 2 sriped marlin and caught a striped and a blue out of 4 bites.

Sport-fisher Patricia 36 ft, Academy Bay, Puerto Ayora/Santa Cruz, Galapagos.

Santa Cruz / Galapagos

July 15, 2016 the Patricia headed to 0-30 Bank on the East side of Santa Cruz. Onboard were Anthony Curro, “Fat” Daniel Mascaro and Ecuagringo’s video crew ready to shoot some pictures and footage. The water temperature had dropped 6 degrees from 74/75 F the previous week to 68/69 F. Seas were choppy but nice to fish in with winds about 9 knots from the South East. One striped marlin was raised, bit and did not get hooked. There was not much life on the bank so around 1:30 pm they picked up and ran to Floreana. 5 miles out of the port of Floreana there is a fad placed by the park. It was loaded with mahi mahi and one bull was hooked and spit the hook. Lots of life from a very large dolphin school and two more striped marlin were seen tailing but no more luck that day.

July 16, 2016 onboard Patricia, giving conditions had changed drastically the Ecuagringo video crew and “Fat” Daniel the only angler decided to head to Hancock bank in the morning to try for tuna and wahoo. Some nice big eye tuna were caught and several wahoo were released by “long distance” as well as about a dozen more wahoo bites. After plenty of fun and fast action they decide to run to 0-30 Bank and give a few hours of marlin fishing a try. No luck on the marlin bite and the crew suspected the sudden shift in cold water the past week had driven some of the bait away as no sardines were detected on the bank.

July 17, 2016 the Patricia headed for Santa Fe Island to fish its banks for wahoo and tuna. The action was hot and the crew and “Fat” Daniel” caught half a dozen yellow fin and big eye tuna. Several wahoo were caught as well and some released. Lots of fast action from the smaller game. Several feathers were lost from wahoo cutting through the thin cable. The wahoo action and tuna can be some of the best on good days in the Galapagos.

Big eye tuna onboard Patricia, Santa Cruz, Galapagos.

San Cristobal / Galapagos

The cold water is being felt as well and local crews that marlin fish also fish for wahoo and tuna on their skiffs which help provide reports when the sportfishers are not out. However they have been reported good tuna, wahoo and mahi mahi action near Punta Pitt and also a fad just 3 miles from Punta Pitt. More on the marlin action to come soon.

Salinas / Ecuador

The marlin fishing for the month of July has been slow and usually is this time of the year. The boats are targeting the wahoo bite which has been quite good closer to shore.

Cabo Blanco / Mancora Perú

We continue to work to make fishing these legendary waters a possibility by late 2017. Ecuagringo is considering taking our 27 foot Miura and Captain Andres Calero for two weeks in February 2017 to fish Peru. There will be slots for up to 3 anglers for 5 days of fishing each package. This can be shared or booked by a group of three. We will be releasing more details in the next few weeks for this exploratory trip to Peru in February 2017. The Miura will be exploring the famous black marlin water from 1 mile to 10 miles offshore that Alfred Glassell and his boats fished 60 years ago. They will also fish Mancora bank which is know for blue and striped marlin. Contact us if you are interested in fishing these waters.

Galapagos grouper onboard Patricia, Santa Cruz, Galapagos.

Folks we will continue to keep you posted on all the action. If you want to experience a fishing trip & adventure of a lifetime then don’t hesitate to contact us info@ecuagringo.com.

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