2016 – January 15-16 – Marlin Fishing Report

Jan 17, 2016Fishing Reports

Beautiful water and calm seas the last few days out of Manta, Ecuador. The fishing has been very good with striped marlin, blue marlin and black marlin all caught. Manta continues to be one of South Americas best kept Pacific secrets and a wonderful marlin hotspot. Reasonable access to fishing grounds, good accommodations and plenty of marlin make it a unique destination. Very few places can boast high raises of marlin without artificial structure, banks or fads to attract them. The conversion of the Humboldt and Panama currents make the waters of the coast of Manta one of the best in the World.

Here is our report for your enjoyment:


January 15, 2016
The sportfisher Vete had 6 raises, 4 bites and lost 3 blue marlin hooked and landed 1.
La Guara reported 5 bites from blue marlin, 1 bite from a striped marlin and caught 2 blues out 8 marlin raises.
A skiff reported 10 bites from blues and 3 bites from striped marlin and caught 2 blues and 1 striped marlin.

January 16, 2016
The boat Isabela caught 2 blues and lost 5 more out of 9 raises all blues.
Another boat named Blue Fin caught 2 blue marlin and lost 3 out of 7 raises.
The Silvia caught 1 blue and lost 2 more out of 6 raises.
All boats had marlin action on a beautiful day.

Salinas also had good fishing North of the resort town. Several boats had a good day worthy of reporting.

Jan 16, 2016
Well regarded and experienced angler Fernando Mata aboard his boat Don Chuma had a grand slam with two 2 blue marlin, a black marlin and a striped marlin.
La Chola reported one striped marlin released and 7 marlin lost.
Miramar released 2 blue marlin and lost 3 more.

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