2016 – February 6-8 – Marlin Fishing Report

Feb 9, 2016Fishing Reports

The fishing in Manta continues to be impressive but that is nothing new. We have been informing about Manta’s great year round marlin fishery for some time. Take advantage and book a trip now. The fishing continues to be very good and here is our latest report for San Cristobal, Manta & Salinas, Ecuador. Good water clarity and South pushing currents have brought on the bite!

San Cristobal Island, Galapagos

The fishing season is on the way for the Galapagos islands. Very warm water for the month of February is registering 81 to 82 F in most areas fished. The banks off Española are showing the most striped marlin so far on the closer side. 88 Bank which is a 68 mile run from port has not been fished yet but will soon.

Here is the latest on the fishing as reported by Capt Fernando Yepez onboard the Vertigo:

Feb 6, 2016 the Vertigo set to fish the banks off Española Island about a 32 mile run from port. The seas were very rough as it was unusually windy and choppy for this time of the year. Once in the area they saw 3 tailing striped marlin but had no bites. Due to rough conditions they decided to head for port early and only fished a few hours.

Feb 7, 2016 Vertigo went inshore fishing and had fun with tunas.

More reports to come.
Feb 6, 2016 the Aguja Azul had an awesome day with 4 blue marlin lost, 1 blue marlin caught, 2 striped marlin lost and 4 caught. They fished 15 to 25 miles out of Manta with a current pushing South. In total they saw action from over a dozen raises between blue and striped marlin.

Isabela reported catching 2 blue marlin, a striped marlin and losing another blue marlin.

Atomic had a blue marlin caught and 2 lost.

Sea Walker had 3 lost blue marlin so no luck but had fun with the action.

Feb 7, 2016 several boats had good action from blue marlin with Sea Walker reporting catching 2 blue marlin and losing two blue marlin.

Aguja Azul had no luck landing a marlin but lost 4 blue marlin.

Silvia caught a blue marlin and lost another.
Feb 7, 2016– the Florimar found good action from striped marlin. They raised 12 striped marlin had 8 bites and caught 2.

Feb 8, 2016– Don Chuma reported good action from striped marlin. They raised 2 doubles for a total of 6 raises, 4 bites and caught 2. A 46 lb dorado made for a fantastic dinner.

Dana raised 5 striped marlin, had 4 bites and caught 1.

Several other boats saw tailers or raised a few striped marlin with no luck.

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