2016 – End of August 2016 Marlin & Fishing Report

Aug 31, 2016Fishing Reports

Fellow Anglers:
As we come to the close of another exciting month, Ecuagringo recaps some of the incredible action. A very good blue and striped marlin run the first half of the month in Salinas, very good striped marlin on 88 Bank in San Cristobal, Galapagos as well as a steady wahoo and tuna bite and finally decent marlin and wahoo action most of the month in Manta. The second half of August the marlin bite became more sporadic but the grouper fishing in the Gulf of Guayaquil has been spectacular with plenty of broom-tail grouper. Here is a summary of the events of the second half of the month.


Second half of August sums up with average of 1 or 2 marlin bites a day with no action on some days. Grouper and wahoo action 2 to 5 miles from Salinas.


Lost of bait reported primarily of flying fish. Lost of wahoo being caught near La Plata Island. Marlin bite has been a little slow with skiffs reporting raising 1 or 3 marlin raises a day. Atomic reported on August 29 catching 1 blue marlin out of 3 bites. La Chola caught a striped marlin out of 6 they saw.


San Cristobal / Galapagos Islands

A mass of green water has been hanging around 30 to 50 miles surrounding San Cristobal Island for over 10 days. Lots of sardines have been reported with tuna, wahoo and lots of marine life seen. However nice water with 75/76 F was on 88 Bank on a 68 mile run from port. August 27, a skiff fishing 88 Bank for big eye tuna reported seeing dozens of striped marlin tailing and lots of bait. August 29, Toan Nguyen fished aboard the Jhonamar 2 looking for tuna and wahoo. He was able to catch a nice wahoo, tuna and a lemon fish fishing Mc Gowen Reef.

Gulf of Guayaquil

Fishing the area near Las Isla del Muerto the broom-tail grouper bite on August 28 and 29 was outstanding. Some boats caught over a dozen fish averaging 30 to 80#. Very tasty and very nice grouper.


We are still working on preparing Cabo Blanco and Mancora to offer you this unique marlin fishery in the legendary waters. October and November 2017 are almost booked up to capacity so don’t be left out from your chance to fish these waters.

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