2016 – Ecuagringo Marlin Report Sept 1-5, 2016

Sep 8, 2016Fishing Reports

Fellow Anglers:
More and more exciting fishing news from all our destinations will be reported in our Newsletter next week. Meanwhile the fishing remains stable in several of our destinations.


Sept 1, Saray had action from blue and striped marlin going 1/1 on blues and 2/3 on striped marlin. Don Agustin went 1/3 on striped marlin.

Sept 3, Juvenil went 1/2 on blue marlin.

Sept 4, Amalita did not report any billfish action.


Sept 2, a skiff reported raising 2 striped marlin.

Sept 3, skiff reported 1 blue and a striped marlin fishing 40 miles North of Manta and another striped marlin lost.

Sept 4, and 5 several skiffs reported 1 marlin or no action.

San Cristobal / Galapagos Islands

Sept 2, Jhonamar 2 headed for 88 Bank with crew to train a new mate and provide fishing report. They reported water not being very clear but lots of sardines on the way and upon arriving on the bank. They raised 9 striped marlin and released 3 while in training. A nice big eye approximately 150# was caught as well.

Sept 3, Jhonamar 2 fished the banks off Espanola and reported water to be around 71 F and green. Tuna were seeing feeding on sardines and flying fish with no bites from tuna and they went 1/3 on striped marlin.


We continue to work hard researching and preparing Peru to be your next destination on your list. We have hired a skiff to fish the area every now and then and provide some feedback on what is going on.

Sept 1, a skiff hired by Ecuagringo to provide preliminary reports fished two rods searching for action near Cabo Blanco and covered from 4 to 12 miles out. Water was reported 72 F closer to shore and cooled to about 69 around 12 miles out. Lots of life from birds and some tuna seen feeding. They released a striped marlin near a gas platform and reported seeing two more tailing stripeys. Late afternoon they reported a large marlin 600# plus tailing not far from a gas platform but could not identify if it was a blue or black as it would not have any interest in the lures. Heading back to shore they also spotted a swordfish about 200# sunning but it sank before they could get a line out. While not the greatest day of fishing it certainly is an interest day with some variety and something to look forward to.

Folks we are starting to book up for our 2017 Galapagos season. Don’t be left out and book your trip now. We will have a booth from Nov 3 to 7, 2016 at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. Be sure to stop by and visit us. Talk to some of our captains and outfitters that will be here from Ecuador and Argentina.

Keep those reels screaming!

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