0-30 Bank Slowed Down But Rosa Blanca Bank Is Full Of Marlin! Double Digit Action

Jan 21, 2019Fishing Reports

Fellow Anglers,
After a fantastic December 2018 on 0-30 Bank where anglers were experiencing lots of striped marlin on 0-30 Bank, we finally had a slow week where where Taylor Hardin got skunked Jan 2 and the Larsen’s husband and wife had a slow day on Jan 15 and then Jan 16 on Punta Pitt.

Wayne Vanwey raised only 3 striped marlin on 0-30 Bank Jan 17. This would all change as Manta Raya headed with angler Wayne Vanwey to famous Rosa Blanca Bank on the East side of San Cristobal Island. Below is full report:

fishing report 20190121 02

Jan 15, 2019- Mr. and Mrs. Larsen fished with Captain Mike Crosier onboard Manta Raya on 0-30 Bank and reported seeing a striped marlin but no action.

Jan 16, 2019- The Larsen’s head for Punta Pitt in search of blue and black marlin but met the skunk.

Jan 17, 2019- Wayne Vanwey fished 0-30 Bank and managed to raised 3 striped marlin and only 1 bite.

Jan 18, 2019- Wayne Vanwey headed to Rosa Blanca Bank onboard Manta Raya and raised 15 striped marlin, had 11 bites and released 5 marlin in a little over 5 hours of fishing before tiring out and wanting to go look for wahoo.

Jan 20, 2019- Wayne Vanwey returned to Rosa Blanca Bank and the bank was alive with porpoises, bait, boobies diving and lots of action. They fished for less than three hours before Wayne raised 10 striped marlin had 6 bets and released 5 and tired out and wanted to go in for wahoo.

fishing report 20190121 03

Folks there have been some doubters about our reports and well some of our reports go as far back as 2002 when we started to publish them online and we will always put the good the, bad and the ugly. Our fishery happens to be good more often than not. Galapagos is still one of the far most productive waters anywhere to catch marlin or tuna almost all year.

There are many banks, sea mounts and drop-offs to fish giving anglers multiple options. However some people book 1 or 2 days only expecting miracles and sometimes they happen and sometimes they don’t. This is the reason most guest book 3 to 6 days of fishing.

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