0-30 Bank Continues To Deliver Lots Of Marlin In The Offseason

Oct 19, 2019Fishing Reports

Ecuagringo had two boats fishing October 18, 2019 on 0-30 Bank for 2 groups guest who were coming off a cruise and wanted to fish onboard two boats.

The seas were choppy but the fishing delivered. The Galapagos Islands are currently providing year round marlin fishing. Details of the day’s action are below but if you want to go you need to book now.

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October 19, 2019– Patricia captained by Yuri Gutierrez and his brother mate Jairo Gutierrez took Megan Bisasky and Blake Schindler to 0-30 Bank to fish along with Captain Gus who manned On The Hook with Steven and Scott Gomes.

Seas were 4 foot chops with clear blue water and overcast skies. Water was 71/72 F and the striped marlin were on the bank. Patricia reported raising 12 striped marlin, getting 8 bites, losing 4 fish already fighting and releasing 2 striped marlin. They also caught a wahoo and 2 mani mahi.

ecuagringo marlin fishing report 201910190 02

On The Hook raised 20 striped marlin had 15 bites and released 6 nice striped marlin. Crew used lures mainly due to choppy seas.

ecuagringo marlin fishing report 201910190 04

Folks if you want to experience the most consistent and fast actioned striped marlin fishing then you need to book your next trip to the Galapagos Islands. We offer year round striped marlin fishing, excellent topwater tuna, grander blue marlin fishing out of Isabela Island and excellent bottom fishing.

2020 prime season dates are over 75% sold out so don’t wait to book. Our 2020 Isabela Island grander marlin dates are almost sold out so contact us today to book. It’s not too early to get your 2021 dates so call us today.

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