Manta The Hidden Blue Marlin Gem Off The West Coast Of South America

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The port city of Manta located in the middle of Coastal Ecuador is possibly one of the best kept blue marlin secrets. Host to just over 200,000 inhabitants, Manta is just under 4 hours by car from Ecuador’s main Port city of Guayaquil.

The warm Panama and the colder Humboldt currents collide here creating a mixture of nutrient rich waters bringing baitfish as well as predators following the warmer current. Blue marlin, striped marlin, big eye tuna and wahoo are all common catches off the continental shelf. A 20 to 40 mile run from the dock will have anglers fishing some of the World’s richest marlin waters.

Year after year we have reported incredible days where a dozen to over a dozen raises of blue and striped marlin have happened. This tends to be a common occurrence. Most days anglers can realistically expect 1 to 5 raises of marlin but the bite does turn on several times a year between June and December where raises and bites are much higher.

The blue marlin tend to average 200 to 400 lbs making them ideal for light tackle and fly rod. Striped marlin average 100 to 150 lbs. Big eye tuna over 200 lbs are caught year after year with fish over 300 lbs not impossible.

Diving, spearfishing and touring are also available by request. Contact us today to help you plan your next exotic marlin fishing trip.


Manta is a rare one of a kind fishery with a marlin bite going off almost every month of the year. Warm water and lots of flying fish, mackerel and tuna make it a year round fishery. The warm Panama current mixing with the Equatorial and Humboldt currents keep marlin, tuna and other predator pelagics in the area all year. The calmest months to fish tend to be November to April when the wind blows the least. Fishing for blue marlin tends to Peak May to January.

Besides Fishing:

Manta also has beautiful beaches and small towns to the North for guest to explore. To the South you have Machalilla National Park and Puerto Cayo. Both are must see localities for a discerning tourist. The Route of the Spondilus South of Manta is a roadway that follows the coast with many villages and local places to eat, surf, sight see and stay.

Diving, spear fishing, bottom fishing and more water sports can be arranged. Please feel free to inquire about other activities that may interest you.