Only Three Open Dates Left To Fish The Legendary Waters Off Cabo Blanco, Peru March & April 2024

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This Is Your Chance To Fish The Historical Waters & Even Add A Visit To Cusco & Machu Picchu.

Why Fish Cabo Blanco March or April 2024

1- El Niño even conditions are very similar to what Alfred Glassell fished in the 50’s for the giant black marlin.

2- Best available crew, boat and tackle to charter these waters almost 70 years. We are bringing one of our top captains and boats from Manta, Ecuador.

3-Delight in some of the world’s best seafood available right in the town of Cabo Blanco or go to the resorts 10 miles to the North. Peruvian seafood is regarded as some of the best in the world.

4- Commercial reports during 2023 have been encouraging for blue and black marlin being caught as far South as the border with Chile.

5- Customize your package to visit other incredible parts of Peru such as Cusco, Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, Nazca Lines and more.

6- Upgrade lodging or switch from mostly included to an all included custom package. We take care of most of the hassle to organize your trip.

7- Fish the calmest and warmest months of the year.

This is you chance to relive and experience a part of history. You will be able to fish the legendary waters where Hemingway, Marylin Monroe, Alfred Glassell and others fished. You will also have the option to add visits incredible places such as Cusco and Machu Picchu if you wish to customize your package.

Join us March and the first half of April 2024 to fish the waters where Alfred Glassell caught the still standing black marlin of 1560 pounds. You will be fishing the actual area made famous by Glassell and members of the Texas Fishing Club at the time. This ambitious expedition will be led by the Ecuagringo team and Captain Andres Calero onboard his boat “Miura”.

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The package consists of 7 days fishing out of actual Cabo Blanco and 8 nights lodging not far from the small village. Packages start with 7 days to fish but will have some customizable options such as adding more days of fishing and even touring Cusco and Machu Picchu. If you require or want something different than our established packages just ask.

You will be able to stay at the Hotel El Merlin right in the town of Cabo Blanco or upgrade to one of the various resorts further North. Our staff will be there to take care of you 24/7.

The Boat:

The “Miura” is a 36 ft Luhrs express equipped with 360 sonar and Seakeeper gyro stabilizing will be the vessel fishing the water with Captain Andres Calero at the helm.

Boat is powered by twin CAT C7.1 in 500 HP. You can expect the same Ecuagringo quality in tackle and we will have all Fishrazr dredges, teasers and products to use while fishing. Top quality 80# and 130# gear will be provided onboard.

It has been 70 years since anyone has been able to offer all the right stuff to give the waters off Cabo Blanco a legitimate shot. If you are looking for something off the wall and would like to be part of this historical experience then call us today!

The request for information has been incredible and dates will be sold on a first book basis so don be left out! Now is the time right after an El Niño event which happened to be part of some of the years when Glassell fished the area.

What To Expect:

How Is The Fishing?

Reports from commercial ships fishing offshore have show good tuna, bonito and even large marlin being caught as far South as the border with Chile. We keep in touch with several local artesanal fishermen who are also reporting catches of black, blue and striped marlin in the area.

While we don’t expect the fishing to be like it was 70 years ago we would not be putting together a trip of this magnitude if we did not believe there were shots at black and even blue marlin in the area.

Very few foreign game boats have attempted to fish Cabo Blanco in shorts stints in the last 70 years. However this year with and in 2024 is seeing an El Niño event which after our research shows similar conditions to what Glassell encountered in the mid fifties.

Food & Lodging:

Peru has been recognized as some of the finest seafood cuisine in the world. You may customize your package to upgrade your lodging and stay in one of the nearby resort towns where you will be able to taste variety of the local ceviches, tiraditos, rice dishes, fried seafood and much more.

The North Peruvian beaches are some of the finest in all of Peru to relax, surf and enjoy. There are various lodging options to choose from. We have a basic hotel that sits right in the town of Cabo Blanco or we may provide one with more amenities 8 to 15 miles North of where you will depart to fish.

We may arrange the itinerary that better fits the level of comfort you want starting at economic right on the beach town of Cabo Blanco, to standard or even platinum lodging.

Want to Visit Other Parts Of Peru Such As Machu Picchu?

We will take care of you from start to finish and help make your trip as seamless as possible.

You may add touring with us to Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Nazca lines, Lima and much more that Peru has to offer. As a hunting and fishing outfitter of 30 years we know Peru very well.

Plan your Fishing Vacation Now. Contact us at info@ecuagringo.com or +1 (754) 703-1991