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The first boat to ever do formal charter fishing in the Galapagos Islands was a 35 foot Bertram named Striper.  The Striper was replaced by eventually The Big Fish.  These boats helped put the Galapagos Islands on the international fishing map and set the stage for a world class destination. Today Ecuagringo works only with the best vessels available to fish in the Galapagos Islands.

Only through Ecuagringo are you guaranteed that your boat will have our custom rods, reels and gear.  Our captains are hand picked by our company.  Some of our boats have been outfitted specifically to meet the requirements of the most demanding fishing such as giant blue marlin.  You will not find any boats provided by any other outfitter that will have the quality tackle and gear needed to go after giant marlin, fly fish, spinning, light tackle, bait and switch etc.

Our Tackle Is The Finest You Will Find In The Galapagos

Peace of mind when trusting an outfitter to go to a foreign destination should not be a challenge.  Ecuagringo provides you the best experience possible and prepares all our boats with what you need for a successful fishing trip.  You will see our company name on almost every rod onboard each of our boats!

Most of our rods are custom made in Florida . We store our tackle in our warehouses where it is kept, maintained and inventoried until used on each designated boat to fish.  Our tackle is meticulously taken care of and reels are serviced in Florida to keep everything on point.  Others have tried to benefit off our name so you should never book any trips to the Galapagos without Ecuagringo if you are expecting quality and unparalleled service.

We Are Prostaff For Some Of The Best Fishing Tackle Made

Ecuagringo uses the best equipment money can buy and we are proud prostaff for these fine company and use their gear:
Bluefin USA

Unlike trips sold by some ride along agents and competitors that piece together part time crews to operate two months out of the year Ecuagringo is able to offer you experienced crews that work and stay together pretty much all year.  Our staff was here since the beginning.  Some of our guys have been fishing with us for more than 20 years. We take pride in forming stable crews that work as teams and believe in what they do always striving to get better.

Our boats and crews are not like musical chairs where you may be fishing with different captains and mates each time the boat goes out.  The only crew member that can be a variable is a park guide which is required by Galapagos National Park at the moment to be onboard and helps as a server or second mate.

When you fish on an Ecuagringo vessel you will notice the difference! Most of the rods have our Ecuagringo name on them.  The boats will have the best electronics needed for the location. Enclosed heads, salons to get out of the sun, fly bridge, fighting chair and outriggers.  Yes we use outboard boats but the layout is made for sportfishing.

patricia boat 01
patricia boat 02
patricia boat 03


The Patricia is 38 foot sportfisher with triple Susuki 300 hp outboards and captained by Yuri Gutierrez.  This boat comes equipped with Chaos custom rods and all Alutecnos Italian reels in 20#, 80# and 130# to handle striped and blue marlin.  Available to fish its home port of Santa Cruz Island as well as Isabela and San Cristobal.  Patricia has caught more giant blue marlin out of Isabela Island than any other boat or crew in the Galapagos.

Patricia’s crew consists of Captain Yuri Gutierrez, first mate and English speaker Jairon Gutierrez.  This crew is prepared to help you pitch baits with circle hooks, troll lures and even bottom fish.  If your game is fly fishing for marlin then you will be in good hands with the crew of the Patricia who have helped catch hundreds of striped marlin.

In 2024 Patricia will be equipped with at least one electric reel to pull dredges or for daytime swordfishing.

on the hook boat 01
on the hook boat 03
on the hook boat 02

On The Hook

The On The Hook is a 36 ft sportfisher with twin Susuki 300 hp outboards. This legendary boat was once owned and captained by iconic local Gustavo Hernandez.  Since Captain Gus passed during the COVID pandemic the boat was taking over by first mate Humberto Hernandez.  Captain Teclas runs the show assisted by first mate Humberto Hernandez.

On the Hook comes equipped with quality Shimano reels from 30# to 130# across the board and custom rods.  The crew is prepared to do bait and switch as well as troll lures, bottom and inshore fishing.  No boat has probably caught more tuna with topwater plugs than On The Hook.

In 2024 On The Hook will be equipped with at least one electric reel to pull dredges or for daytime swordfishing.

Golden Reel (coming 2024)

The Golden Reel will be the third addition to the exclusive Ecuagringo fleet.  The 40 foot sportfisher will have outboards, fighting chair, salon and outriggers very much like the setups on our other boats.  This boat will be captained by one of the finest mate/captains to ever be trained by Braden Escobar himself: Captain Julio Rodriguez.  Julio is a San Cristobal native with a sixth sense for fly fishing and finding striped marlin.  For many years he has been the most requested fly fishing captain by many of our repeat anglers.

This new boat will come equipped with all custom tackle and everything you need especially Fishrazr dredges and teasers.