Wahoo Fishing (Acanthocybium solandri)

Part of the scombridae family of fish, wahoo fishing are know for their fast runs and high jumps. The white flesh and high fat content make it an excellent table fair. wahoo hunt in packs usually and getting double, triple and quadruple bites is not uncommon. Most fish average 20 to 50 lb but can grow in excess of 120 lb. They are an excellent gamefish on light tackle and will also eat a fly presented with speed.

wahoo fishing 01

Wahoo fishing have been known to jump into boats chasing retrieved lures. They razor sharp teeth are nothing to play with and can inflict severe cuts. Wahoo are caught all over the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean but can be found in water 67 to 80 F quite commonly. Ecuagringo offers several prime destinations to enjoy this excellent gamefish.

wahoo fishing 02

The Galapagos are arguably your best destination for catching wahoo 12 months out of the year. November to May are best and you can expect any given day half a dozen to several dozen bites of wahoo fishing. In the Galapagos it is not uncommon to catch 10 to 50 wahoo in a single day when they are congregate on the reefs and banks.