Striped Marlin Fishing (Kajikia audax)

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How To Catch Striped Marlin In The Galapagos Islands

Striped marlin fishing are one of the Pacific Ocean’s apex predators that feed mainly on sardines, squid, anchovies and small tunas. To increase your chances of catching striped marlin it helps to go where you can find them in great numbers. These fish will feed alone and in packs.

The Galapagos Island’s offer the perfect underwater conditions with vast structure, seamounts and upwellings that attract food sources and thus striped marlin. By fishing the areas where these fish concentrate will help you find them.

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Where To Fish Striped Marlin In The Galapagos Islands

San Cristobal Island in the Galapagos Islands sees perhaps the greatest yearly concentrations of striped marlin of anywhere on the planet. San Cristobal offers several seamounts and areas where they concentrate offering quite frequently double digit shots at these marlin.

How To Fish Striped Marlin In The Galapagos Islands

Fishing the Galapagos Islands is now easy when you book through Ecuagringo, the outfitter that started the fishery since 1998. Our staff will take care of all your arrangements, logistics, lodging and fishing to make getting and fishing in the Galapagos very easy.

The Galapagos Islands belong to the country of Ecuador located on the Northwest coast of South America. Once you book a custom package to fish the Galapagos our company will provide your licensed boat, crew, tackle and everything you will need to make a dream fishing trip happen.

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Fishing Techniques For Striped Marlin

Striped marlin are pound for pound one of the most powerful gamefish for their size. Galapagos striped marlin range from 150 to 220 pounds on average. Most anglers choose 30 to 50 pound standup trolling tackle to fish for them. Spinning and fly gear are also fun ways to fish for them.

Small surface lures work very on the troll and is one of the most used techniques. However, some more experienced anglers prefer bait and switch. Bait and switch is a technique that employs teaser (lures with no hooks) and the fish is teased to eat a pitched bait with a circle hook in it.

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Seasons And Increasing Your Chances At Catching Striped Marlin

They live in tropical Pacific Ocean water and will feed in temperatures from 67 to 84 F making their range pretty widespread. The Galapagos Islands are a true year round fishery with striped marlin usually found every month of the year. However bait tends to peak October to June each year and anglers like to fish the calmest seas which are usually December to June.

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Fishing Tips For Striped Marlin

First go where the fish are and the Galapagos Islands is where they are most abundant. Using the right tackle, smaller hooks and the correct technique is more important for catching them with success. Hooking and catching is not particularly hard but it is not very easy. Our crews will teach you with patience and hopefully lots of shots with the technique that you are most comfortable trying. The right light tackle of whatever type you choose is usually much more fun and allows the fish to fight in its full splendor.