Blue Marlin Fishing Charters (Makaira nigricans)

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Blue marlin fishing is perhaps the most sought after and dreamed up marlin in the world. Powerful, extremely aggressive, fast and a challenge on any type of tackle, the blue marlin fishing is a trophy in its own category. Found in most temperate and tropical waters around the world it is perhaps the most widely spread of the marlin species.

blue marlin fishing in action 01

Males rarely grow over 300 lbs and most fish over 300 lbs are females. Blue marlin females are known to grow in excess of 1500 lbs and over 14 feet long. Some longliners claim catching fish over 2000 lbs. A blue marlin of any size will usually put up a fit and an aggressive display that is simply breath taking.

How To Catch them in The Galapagos Islands

If you want to target blue marlin then you need to fish where they frequent. Blue marlin are caught commonly on the banks, seamounts, drop offs, deep water and at times in shallow water. However, if you want to focus on larger blue marlin it is best to troll the deep drops, contours and areas with larger bait such as bonito and tuna. High concentrations of striped marlin which are faster do not allow at times for blue marlin to bite as frequently on the banks and sea mounts where they feed on sardines

Where To Fish For Big Blue Marlin In The Galapagos Islands

Blue marlin are found all around the waters in the Galapagos Islands. However, to increase your chances of getting more bites there are areas where they tend to frequent more. Our best destination that produces more blue marlin and large ones with shots at grander (fish over 1000 pounds) is Isabela Island.

Isabela Island is fast becoming one of the best places in the world to target big blue marlin. San Cristobal Island is the next best and fishing the drops of the banks, seamounts and the Northern drop-off from the island are hot spots.

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Fishing Techniques & Tackle

The blue marlin produces one of the most ferocious topwater bites of any gamefish. Using the right tackle and technique is very important in order to be successful in catching a fish that ca go from 150 to over 1000 pounds. In the Galapagos we target blue marlin usually 300 to 600 pounds with stand up 50 and 80 gear. However, when targeting large fish only we prefer to use conventional 130 pound gear.

The heavier tackle allows the angler to usually catch the fish faster which increases the survival rate of the large fish by catching them sooner instead of having drawn out long bouts. In the Galapagos when we are covering large bodies of water we like to troll large lures and teasers. Some anglers prefer to pitch baits with circle hooks and this is a wonderful technique that allows to see the bite. Pitch baits require precise teasing, teamwork from the crew and usually a bit more experience demanded from the angler.

Best Seasons For Blue Marlin Fishing Charters

Blue marlin are attracted to food supplies but tend to be much more sensitive to water temperatures than other billfish like striped marlin. Blue marlin tend to prefer 74 to 84 F water. Best months to target them in the Galapagos Islands are February to May when water is warmest.