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Estuary Fishing (snook and corvina) in Guayas, Ecuador

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Guayaquil Gulf

The Golfo de Guayaquil known in English as the Guayaquil Gulf is home to cormorants, frigates, herons, egrets, squirrels, mud crabs, acutus crocodiles, tropical whitetail deer, jaguar, pumas, ocelots and various voracious gamefish. If you want to score on catching white sea bass (corvina), white pacific snook, mangrove snapper (pargo) and more this is the place. The mangrove sanctuary covers over 160,000 hectares making it the largest in South America. Islands such as Puna, Escalante, Ingleses and Santa Ana make up important natural land structures that provide local fishermen homes and support one of the largest shrimp farming industries in the world. the gulf extends from North to Souh 230 km and covers two countries. Most of the estuaries are in Ecuador and some reach near Zorrillos Peru. It is believed that the waters off Cabo Blanco, Peru are so fertile because of the nutrients pouring out of this gulf by its rivers and estuaries.

Getting There:

International flights from USA, Europe and the rest of Central & South America arrive daily to the port city of Guayaquil. Stay in one of the many hotels and get to know the city of Guayaquil called the “Perl of the Pacific”. Local dishes of fish, crab and shrimp are winners in the dine cuisine circles.

Typical Day:

Your guide or host will pick you up before sunrise at your hotel and drive you to one of the marinas or boat launches. Most boat runs are anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour to get to desired fishing areas. On the way you may stop to pick up live shrimp for bait at one of the villages living on the edge of an island. Fish the edges of mangroves and shorelines to find aggressive fish.


Fishing is year round but it is important to schedule your days during the “quiebra” and not the “aguaje”. Quiebra is the moon-phase happening about twice a month when the forces and pull of the moon are least. Water is clearer and fish can find baits and lures easier. When you contact one of our fishing specialist they will indicate best days to fish within the month you wish to go.

Past Fishing Reports

Fishing from Guayaquil includes:
– Fishing for two anglers. Extra angler USD 125 per angler (max 4 anglers per boat)
– Guide and mate
– Tackle
– Live bait such as shrimp
– Waters, sodas and lunch (usually sandwiches or ceviche)
– Pick up from hotel in Guayaquil to local boat club or ramp
– Boat

Not included:
– Tips
– Liquor


All prices are subject to custom extras such as location, transfers, hotels and any additional you request.

This sample price is for a daily charter departing from Guayaquil to fish a full day in the estuaries:

USD 875.00

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