About Ecuagringo

Ecuagringo originally started in 1993 and was known as Andean Outdoor Outfitters. Braden Escobar founded Andean Outdoor Outfitters offering the best hunting possible in Ecuador at the time. Sportsmen from the USA, Europe and South America would count on our services to hunt in some of the most remote, mountains, deserts, islands and jungles that Ecuador offered.

Escobar is avid fisherman and is always looking for something new to offer guest. The word was out that the best marlin fishing on the planet was happening in the Galapagos Islands but there was no one set up to take anglers. In 1998 Escobar began to scout the waters, seamounts, banks , drops and many areas near and far in the archipelago.

The company was official founded as Ecuagringo S.A. By August 2000 our first sportfishing boat was operating from Santa Cruz Island and fishing 0-30 Bank and our first website www.ecuagringo.com was created. Braden Escobar has been a hunting and fishing outfitter since 1993. His sportsmen have hunted and fished Ecuador & The Galapagos Islands, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. Most of his staff has been onboard for over 15 years.

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In the coming years flights became more regular to San Cristobal Island and by 2005 the obvious move to the best fishing was an easy choice. Our base of operations switched to the furthest Eastern island of the Galapagos and we continue to operate there to this day.

Ecuagringo became the first outfitter to fish and offer fishing packages to anglers from around the world in the Galapagos. The first professional crews and boats were put to work by our company and we continue to train and improve boats, gear and crews every year.

Taking pride in using the best and most reliable fishing gear available, Ecuagringo sources most of its custom rods and tackle from the United States. With the exception of some choice Italian reels almost all of our tackle is proudly Made In the USA. Custom rods from Chaos Tackle & Moldcraft in Florida, Avet Reels from California will be found on all our boats.

Our company has an office in Boca Raton, Florida and one in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Most of the staff is bilingual and love what they do. When you book a custom fishing or touring trip to any of our destinations we will provide anything your heart desires as long as it is legal and physically possible.

We are here to cater to discerning travelers who want to experience some of the best fishing and adventures life has to offer. If you are serious about having the dream trip of your life then we are the people you need to be talking to.


  • Tournament class captains, boats, tackle, crew and gear
  • Expert guidance and coaching from start to finish
  • For both novices and experienced fisherman
  • Customize your fishing trip to fit your needs
  • We entertain your customers